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International registration for your cleaning products – now a reality in South Africa.

By Ulli Gerntholtz on 18 July 2018

Ever wonder if the cleaners you are using in your food or production facility are safe? This article will help you understand what to look for when sourcing chemicals. We explain product registration (how it works and why it is an important component of a food safety program), th

Food Fraud Requires Companies to Think Like a Criminal

By Food Safety Tech on 21 May 2018

Mitigating the risk requires implementing control measures and establishing traceability systems.

Recalls, emotions and customer requirements

By Rika Le Roux Kemp on 27 March 2018

In some situations in life we have a fight or flight reaction - even in business and our professional life. And then there is the Listeriosis saga in our industry. Interesting times. We want to protect our end consumer and brand name at nearly all costs... so we recall.

Keeping Listeria out of your production facility

By Rika Le Roux Kemp on 15 February 2018

With the Listeriosis break out being a world record in terms of numbers reported, we as food professionals need to proactive. Ready to eat foods have been named as a high risk, but we should all be doing whatever we can to ensure we manage the risks in all facilities, to the bes

Sanitary Design of Food Equipment

By Quality Assurance & Food Safety Mag on 12 February 2018

Have you ever asked yourself: How do I clean this equipment? How did this equipment get here? Does my boss know how much time it takes to clean and sanitize this equipment properly? Do engineers understand the food safety risk?

Risk-Based Thinking

By ISO Update on 06 December 2017

Mastering risk-based thinking will allow any organization to fully understand their current situation, identify risks and opportunities and effectively manage them. Risk-based thinking refers to thinking ahead of a situation ....

The Benefits of Integrated Management Systems

By ISO Update on 05 December 2017

There comes a point in the development of many organisations when they need to obtain some form of certification, and for the majority they will probably implement a management system for either Quality or Health & Safety. There then follows...

How to give your thermometer a health check

By Linda Jackson on 20 November 2017

Did you know you need to test your thermometer’s temperature? Seems a strange concept when the purpose of the instrument is to measure temperature, but the point is to verify that your thermometer is maintaining temperatures between regular calibrations.

Testo Ice Mugs up for Grabs

By on 16 November 2017

We have 10 free ice mugs to give away, courtesy of Testo! One of these could be yours.

Zoning to manage chemical hazards in your food facility

By Linda Jackson on 13 November 2017

Managing cross contamination is a foundation principle in an effective food safety management system. Chemical products can cause cross contamination, but zoning principles can help resolve this.

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