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U.K. retailers report chicken campylobacter levels for Q1

17 June 2018

a The top nine retailers across the United Kingdom have now published their latest testing results on campylobacter contamination in UK-produced fresh whole chickens (covering samples tested from Janua

Break up with paper; commit to digital; embrace food safety

17 June 2018

a Editorâ??s note: This is the first installment of a four-part series on electronic recording keep to enhance food companies’  food safety efforts. The series is sponsored by PAR Technologies. 

Campylobacter in chicken liver parfait nearly killed British man

17 June 2018

a A British man admitted to intensive care after an awards banquet in October and lost the use of his limbs, his speech and the ability to blink â?? leaving his eyes wide open and him unable to sleep. â

High-pressure pasteurization facility focuses on food safety

18 June 2018

a A Michigan couple is killing foodborne pathogens and extending the shelf life of foods while making their state home to one of the largest high-pressure processing machines in the world. Garden F

Canada changing beer standard to help brewers, consumers

18 June 2018

a Changes sought by brewers to Canada’s National Beer Standard are open for comments during the next 90 days, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Beer is one of the industrie

Investigators link raw milk cheese to E. coli outbreak in France

18 June 2018

a Investigators in France have confirmed a link between the cases of several children with a disease that destroys blood-clotting cells, causes low red blood counts and kidney failure and the consumptio

New cases of salmonellosis reported in melon-related outbreak

19 June 2018

a Ten more people are sick in a Salmonella outbreak that has spread to two more states. Pre-cut melons are implicated, according to public health officials who renewed their public warnings yesterday ab

Canada reports more ill in outbreak traced to frozen chicken

19 June 2018

a An outbreak in Canada that has been traced to raw, frozen chicken patties is continuing to make people sick, with nine new cases confirmed by federal officials. The new cases brings the number of ill

Chicago meat company closes to avoid federal court action

19 June 2018

a A Chicago meat company owner has agreed to cease operations and stay out of the meat and poultry business in exchange for the Justice Department backing off of an enforcement action sought by the U.S.

Researchers warn against raw milk, cheese after testing dairies

20 June 2018

a Research recently published by scientists in The Netherlands shows that E. coli and Campylobacter bacteria are so common on goat and sheep dairy farms that pasteurization is necessary to prevent cont

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