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SA has successfully eliminated trans-fats in food – WHO

18 May 2018

South Africans are sub-Saharan Africa’s most obese people, mainly due to the rising popularity of processed food. Heart attacks, strokes and type two diabetes now kill more people than infectious diseases. But the health situation could have been worse had the South African gover

Restaurants and customer food allergies – does it have to be war?

18 May 2018

Recent bad restaurant experiences have raised consumer awareness of the allergen issue. So what is the responsibility of a restaurant when it comes to allergen management and protecting consumer health.

Better governance can enhance an inclusive and just food system in South Africa

18 May 2018

Food security and food safety do not feature strongly in the laws, policies, and programmes of most municipalities in South Africa.Where it does, it is mostly concentrated on food production, rather than facilitating access to safe food.

Fast food franchises are on the rise in South Africa says FNB

18 May 2018

The fast food and quick service restaurant (QSR) sector has continued to show steady growth on the back of what has been a tough economic climate in South Africa. In fact, QSR has by far the biggest share in franchising turnover.

SA to send plastic pollution packing

17 May 2018

Single-use food and beverage packaging is responsible for a large proportion of plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways- but it seems that Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa has a bold new plan in mind to change this (starting with banning the of straws.)

What does it take to keep listeriosis out of restaurants and kitchens?

09 May 2018

We've been in the grips of the world's worst case of listeriosis, a foodborne disease that has claimed over 100 lives to date. And although the blame game has been strong, it doesn't take away from the fact that we all need to arm ourselves with as much information as possible in

Kill food pathogens in the gut without antibiotics

08 May 2018

Antibiotics may not be the only answer: at the University of Copenhagen researchers used bacteriophages to target and kill single bacterial species without causing harm to the surrounding community of commensal bacteria.

Listeriosis: State to tackle Tiger Brands over patients' medical records

08 May 2018

Tiger Brands wants the names and health information of every patient who contracted listeriosis, including what other diseases they had and autopsy information, say inside sources – but the Health Department has fired back, saying it would not be legally permissible.

South African products still banned in Rwanda after listeriosis

07 May 2018

South Africa’s scientists might have pinpointed the cause of the listeriosis outbreak that started six months ago, but Rwanda is persisting with its ban on SA fresh produce – because the department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries (DAFF) is dragging its feet on the paperwor

Listeriosis: Multiple products tested‚ but only Enterprise has outbreak strain

07 May 2018

Of the almost 600 Listeria-positive samples from food products and food processing plants which the National Institute of Communication Diseases (NICD) has performed its “DNA fingerprinting” on‚ only 13% were the outbreak strain ST6.

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