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Crisis proofing South Africa’s water security

13 November 2018

South Africa is often referred to as the 30th driest country in the world, a claim that’s based on its average annual rainfall of 500mm compared to the world average of 860mm. National rainfall averages have a purpose...

Down the drain – how water leakage affects us and what we can do about it

28 March 2018

37% of water in our urban piped water systems leaks out or is used illegally”. That’s more than a third of our country’s water, going down the drain. With the water crisis in the Cape, looming water concerns across the world, and a growing population, this figure remains far too

Bold steps are needed toward a 'new normal' that allocates water fairly in South Africa

22 March 2018

Discussions of the water crisis that has hit Cape Town tend to focus on supply and demand. In other words, a severe and unusual drought has created a situation in which there is not enough water (supply) to meet people’s needs (demand).

How Cape Town’s water crisis could make people sick

19 February 2018

Day zero, when the 4 million people living in Cape Town run out of water, is becoming a real possibility. The city has informed residents that water supplies will be turned off on the day and only retained for high risk areas and essential services. Citizens will have to queue fo

Africa needs to invest more in its water professionals

13 February 2018

The African continent is disproportionately affected by extreme climate and issues such as water stress. If governments are serious about overcoming these challenges, they must focus on developing and supporting highly-skilled water professionals

South Africa needs good water management - not new water laws

07 February 2018

Because water is shared by everyone, there have to be some rules to govern the way it is used. But it’s a difficult resource and when things go wrong, the temptation is to blame the unpredictable water – or the rules.

Webinar Implementing water saving measures in your food facility

29 January 2018

How does a company implement water saving measures, is the government involved in this, how do you get your team on board with water saving measures, what are the challenges and the risks? All of these are questions which are increasingly important for food facilities in the curr

The impact of the drought on the food industry in the Western Cape

24 January 2018

Food Focus chatted to the City of Cape Town about the impact of the drought on the food industry in the Western Cape, as Day Zero looms around the corner.

Assuring Water Quality and Safety in Food Processing (Part 4)

10 May 2017

Most people take water for granted. But it is a valuable asset, particularly within the food processing industry and Part 4 of this article considers how to interpret your water quality results

Assuring Water Quality and Safety in Food Processing (Part 3)

03 May 2017

How ice is manufactured, stored and used is another issue that should be part of a processor’s water management program. There is a sense that plant workers and their managers believe that frozen water cannot be a source of contamination.

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