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The difference between workshops and SETA accredited training

By Janice Giddy on 17 February 2017

There is still a lot of confusion in the industry regarding the difference between workshops and SETA Accredited training. Companies are often unaware of the benefits of accredited training for their staff. In this article we aim to highlight the differences and ...

Dubai different region, same compliance challenges

By Linda Jackson on 08 February 2017

This article is just to make you feel good! It’s to remind you that you are not the only one fighting the good fight of compliance. There are fellow soldiers all around the world and I met some in the UAE recently. I found them amid the hustle and bustle of Dubai, the sumptuous b

Microwave Safety Tips

By Bridget Day on 07 December 2016

We may only celebrate National Microwave Day once a year, but this is a household appliance that you use every day. Safety is always a priority, so here are a handful of safety tips to bear in mind when using your microwave.

Key performance indicators for your suppliers

By Linda Jackson on 30 October 2016

They tell me you can’t manage what you can’t measure! So what about implementing a supplier scorecard for supplier performance measurement? In this article we discuss some key measurements based on best practice.

5 tips for making the most of safety posters

By Linda Jackson on 30 October 2016

They say a picture says a thousand words. Safety posters are a great way to communicate a message and reach a large number of people without actually having to speak to each individual person on a daily basis. But make sure you use them in the right way. Here are some key tips yo

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