Food Safety Culture Presentations

By Food Focus on 30 November 2018

Our recent Food Safety Culture Workshop  was well attended and featured a number of subject matter experts from various disciplines and field sharing their knowledge with us.

Below are the presentations and videos for which we have permission to share with you. 


About Food Safety Culture

Linda Jackson


Food Safety Culture... The Human Factor

Prof Ryk Lues

 10 Years of Experience in 
Food Safety Culture

Frank Yiannas

The Science of Change & Neurosafety

Robert Jardine

 Panel Discussion 1

Moderated by Linda Jackson, joined by Matlou Setati (CGCSA) , 
Jane Nock (In2Food), and Najib Salib (RCL), 

The importance of leadership in 
sharing organisational culture

Prof Ben Anderson

Transformational Change in Food Control:
An Environmental Health Perspective

Selva Mudaly

Improving Employee Engagement

Esther Palmer

Food Safety Culture: also a Science

Prof Chris Griffth

Panel Discussion 2

Moderated by Ryk Lues, Joined by Wouter Conradie (NSF Africa),
Lucia Anelich (Anelich Consulting),  Blaine van Rensburg (Sovereign Foods),
Kerrigan McCarthy (NICD) and Linda Jackson (Food Focus)


What I would Tell a CEO
about Food Safety Culture

Bill Marler

Q & A and Case Study Discussion

Linda Jackson

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