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Things to keep in mind when assessing a pest control program

By Samantha Lange on 04 September 2019

The following should be kept in mind when assessing a pest control program:

1. All bait stations must be traced on a site map.

2. These sites must be monitored and audited.

- The type of vermin / insects found, the quantity and the degree of infestation.
- The type, quantity and dilution of poison used.
- Recommendations must be made i.e. is the problem better or worse, corrective action must be taken, etc.

3. Bait stations must be situated in places where pests are most likely to be found e.g. fridge motors, electrical equipment, in hot places, storage areas, etc.

4. Proactive action is necessary. All cracks and structural faults must be noticed and must receive immediate attention. A good relationship between maintenance team and the Pest Controllers is important.

5. A sighting log of vermin must be clearly visible on the premises. Sightings must be documented and must be discussed with the pest controllers for their action.

6. The pest controllers must have an effective system in place (eg.HACCP) for effective control and evaluation.

7. The controllers must certify the safe usage of poisons.

8. Training of staff to be more alert in spotting infestations and safe handling of poisons

This article was reproduced with the permission of Samantha Lange

Image credits: Photo by Jared Belson