WEBINAR | Mastitis and the quality of your milk - what to do?

By Food Focus on 26 April 2021


Webinar held: 12 May 2021


Mastitis is an endemic disease and considered to be one of the most frequent and costly diseases in the dairy industry. Mastitis might be a food safety problem and clearly, mastitis is an economic problem. It might also be a welfare problem.

In this presentation, the following will be shared:

  • An overview of the South African dairy industry and the trends concerning udder health
  • The basics of udder health including the role of the host (cow), the environment and pathogens
  • The important difference between clinical and sub-clinical mastitis and the economic losses in both
  • There will also be a reference to the effect of mastitis milk when it comes to product quality and food safety. The focus will be on residues in milk and our role to prevent that
  • The basics of a well-structured and strategic udder health program


Download MASTITIS DSA 12052021.pdf

Our speaker is Dr Chris van Dijk

Dr. Chris van Dijk has a long illustrious career in the milk industry working with dairy farmers in South Africa.

He has been in the field as a practicing veterinary specialist in Bovine Herd Health. He also spent 15 years at one of the world’s leading veterinary pharmaceutical companies in various positions as technical, marketing, and business development director.

His combined career experience of almost 39 years provided him with sought-after expertise in teaching as well as national and international speaking engagements.