Listeria Workshop

We're bringing our workshop to you, Cape Town

We may have discovered the source of the ST6 outbreak strain of Listeria - but the issue is not over!  Now more than ever before it is necessary for the food industry to be vigilant and proactive in eradicating listeria from their facilities. With increased awareness and pressure from consumers and industry bodies around this issue, food safety will be under the microscope.

 Food Focus is still engaging with the industry to help empower them with effective information.  In association with Entecom, we have a workshop scheduled for the 12 April in Cape Town - it is practical, insightful, and taps into the experience and knowledge of a range of industry experts.  


Costs: R995 per person incl.

Programme topics include

• Preventing Listeria in processed meats
• Listeria and fresh produce
• What have we learnt about Listeria in dairy? Root cause analysis case study
• Listeria prevention master class
• Top 10 tips - Effective facility design and the role of maintenance
• Cleaning and sanitation regimes in the food industry – are we doing enough to prevent?
• CFA – advice to industry - the importance of hygiene zones
• How to effectively audit listeria programmes
• Testing overhaul
• Recall and liability issues
• The root cause - food safety culture?