AFMA announces Intervarsity Writer's Cup Champion 2021

By: AFMA on 03 December 2021

The Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA) annually hosts the Intervarsity Writer's Cup competition to encourage universities, student promoters, and students to communicate relevant research information in the AFMA Matrix quarterly magazine. 

This year, Zarinah Skippers earned Stellenbosch University (US) the honour of being named the 2021 AFMA Intervarsity Writer's Cup Champion. At the time of submitting her article in the category "own research", Zarinah studied MScAgric Animal Sciences (Animal Nutrition) under the promoters Profs. Brink van Zyl and Christiaan Cruywagen at the Department of Animal Sciences, SU.

Zarinah's article details her research on the nutritional significance of enzyme application in animal feed as a key factor in optimising fibre digestibility. She says despite many reports on the positive results of using exogenous enzymes in animal diets, a lot is still to be learned, specifically within the South African context.

"I am truly honoured to be a recipient of this award. Seeing some results coming from the hard work that went into the research for my MSc is exciting yet humbling at the same time! I am so grateful for every drop of support and encouragement I received from the people around me - family, friends, academic staff, and my supervisors," Zarinah commented.

Since the submission of the article, Zarinah has completed her MSc degree and successfully graduated. She is currently employed by Afgri Animal Feeds as a junior operational nutritionist.

Stellenbosch University took this prestigious award from the University of Pretoria, which held the 2020 bragging rights for Amelia du Preez's article titled "Effects of different feeding systems on scrotal fat accumulation and semen quality of Merino-type sheep".  Prof. Edward Webb at the Department of Animal and Wildlife Sciences of UP was her promoter.


About the competition

The AFMA Intervarsity Writers Cup competition takes place in four rounds. A judging panel of industry experts scores the articles entered as either "own research" or "literature reviews". The articles that score the highest points in each category are published in the AFMA Matrix.  The overall winner in each category gets the opportunity to present his/her research at the annual AFMA Symposium.  The winner in the own research category earns his/her university the bragging rights as the AFMA Intervarsity Writers Cup Champion.

This is one of several annual projects implemented by AFMA to develop, strengthen and promote students, universities and, ultimately, the animal feed industry to ensure safe feed for safe food.


About AFMA

The Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA) is the official representative body of the South African feed industry in the livestock sector. It plays a pivotal role in the larger agricultural environment. AFMA consists of animal feed and -ingredient manufacturers as well as suppliers of feed ingredients and represent 100% of broiler feed production and 58% of total animal feed production in South Africa. AFMA provides a unified voice and promotes the animal feed industry as an integral part of the food chain to deliver safe, nutritious, and affordable food for all. For more information on AFMA please visit or contact De Wet Boshoff, Executive Director, at