Indulge with home-grown and give the gift of jobs this festive season

By: Proudly South African on 13 December 2021

The festive season is traditionally a time for families and friends to come together, relax and share what we have, as we celebrate the end of another year. And according to Proudly South African Chief Executive Officer Eustace Mashimbye, the best gift you can give this festive season is to stock up your kitchen cupboards with home-grown and produced food and drink to boost our ailing economy and make a meaningful difference to job creation.

“Seen collectively, small breadcrumb decisions such as our choice of tea, coffee, chicken, festive season indulgences and other groceries can turn into enormous sums with the power to make a huge impact if reinvested in local businesses and jobs,” he notes.

For example, according to Statistics South Africa, South Africans bought over R123.8 billion in goods at various retailers in December last year, of which R67.3 billion was spent at general dealers and stores specialising in food and beverages. Year-end spending is expected once again to peak this year.

“If channelled towards South African products, these billions could make a profound difference to consumer demand, revitalising local businesses, and unlocking employment opportunities throughout value chains,” he explains.

“Individually, the choice of products in our shopping baskets may seem inconsequential. But by working together as a society, these numbers show that we can bring hope and relief to thousands of households, many of whom may not have the luxury of knowing where their next meal is coming from, let alone spoiling themselves over December. Buying local products by those of us who can, has the potential to result in giving the gift of jobs without compromising on quality.”

By way of example, Mashimbye highlights the benefits of the poultry and confectionery industries.

Put a local chicken in every pot

For those wanting to plan a special Proudly South African festive menu, Mashimbye notes that the wide range of locally produced chicken on offer is a good starting point.

South Africa’s poultry industry supports over 110,000 direct and indirect jobs throughout its value chain. This includes workers responsible for growing the maize and soya used in feed, as well as employees involved in processing, packaging, and distributing chicken products. The South African Poultry Association (SAPA) thus estimates that for every 10,000 tonnes of chicken meat that is imported, South Africa loses 1,000 direct and indirect jobs.

To support locally produced chicken, simply select from producers such as OBC, Grain Field Chickens, Sovereign Foods, Supreme Chicken and Country Bird Holdings and preserve the jobs of those who work there.

Indulge with local sweets and treats figures place the value of South Africa’s sugar confectionery industry between R12.5 billion and R13.5 billion, and the chocolate market at R6.4 billion. Additionally, growing consumer demand for premium, artisan chocolates has given rise to a growing number of niche manufacturers and small businesses, creating a large number of new jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Perhaps most important, the confectionery production process further involves a wide range of businesses and suppliers, boosting demand for sugar, fruit and nuts, packaging materials, refrigeration, manufacturing plants and machinery, and laboratory testing.

“Just these two examples of chicken and confectionery alone clearly demonstrate the importance of buying local as economic multipliers, stimulating businesses and job creation across a wide range of related industries and sectors.

“We are therefore calling on all South Africans to support the buy local movement this festive season, using our power as consumers to purchase our way to prosperity and a better future for all. Simply look for the Proudly South African logo or check the label of origin to ensure that your favourite products have been made in South Africa,” concludes Mashimbye.

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