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Food Focus Newsletter 2019 Issue 9

By: Food Focus on 07 August 2019

August promises to be a busy month..
This week saw the launch of the very first  Food Safety Culture Train the Trainer course.  With a bunch of eager and innovative food safety professionals, it has been inspiring! We have heard from some insightful overseas leaders in this field, had some thought provoking discussions and plenty of fun. 

We're excited to see what these culture changers are going to be doing in their circles of influence in the months ahead!
Linda Jackson of Food Focus and Prof Ryk Lues at the Train the Trainer Workshop

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10 Documents You'll Need When Applying
for a Certificate of Acceptability
We recently spoke with the local Environmental Health Practitioners from Ekurhuleni, and they advised that your application for your Certificate of Acceptability will go much smoother if you have all the necessary documentation ready to submit with this application. You may be wondering what that documentation could be?  Well, as an example, here is what the City of Tshwane Environmental Health Department requires for submission with your application...
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Prohibition of Slack Fill in Food Products
The FDA defines nonfunctional slack fill as the difference between the capacity of a container and the volume of product inside.  In South Africa, under SANS 289, it is defined slightly differently as “ Slack fill is the difference between the actual capacity of the packaging material and the volume of product it contains. Nonfunctional slack fill is the empty space in a prepackage that is filled to less than its capacity.”..
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Press Releases

KFC South Africa officially launched its new Hot & Crispy chicken. The producers of the world-famous original recipe have brought another international favourite...
Plagued by rising energy costs, a lack-lustre investment climate with onerous legislative barriers to doing business and rampant lawlessness, Minister Patel re-iterated that...

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In Other News

CRC Industries have just done a major revamp on their website.
If you haven't already, now is as good a time as any to go have a look. Don't forget your coffee because their Literature section is stocked with articles you're going to want to read..

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