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How do you KNOW the product you are buying is really good quality?

By Pinky and the Brain on 15 July 2019

Hello to all of you in the food industry, from the secret office of Pinky and the Brain! Today we are discussing the important question... How do you KNOW the product you are buying is really good quality?

The chilling insight about the knowledge of Food Quality Assurance Managers

By Pinky and the Brain on 18 June 2019

With all food industries still well aware of the BIG L word, the two of us just could not keep it in any longer… There are other aspects in the food industry that should be worried about, not just Listeria outbreaks! Like ....

How Kosher are your Kosher Claims?

By Linda Jackson on 29 May 2019

Producing a quality product is a key objective for any food manufacturer. And quality means meeting the customers requirements. Customer requirements can be vary and include the obvious general like food safety but others may be quite specific to a group. One such group would be

6 steps to manage water quality in the food industry

By Nuno F. Soares on 30 January 2019

Water is essential for life but in many cases is also a vehicle for human illness and even death. WHO estimated that contaminated drinking water causes 502,000 diarrhoeal deaths each year and at least 2 billion people consume and use drinking water contaminated with faeces.

What is fake honey and why didn’t the official tests pick it up?

By The Conversation on 05 September 2018

Australia has been rocked this week by reports that many products labelled as honey are actually fake or “adulterated” honey.Capilano, Australia’s largest honey producer, has been accused of selling products mixed with cheaper syrups.

Organizational Culture Polarities Hold the Key to a Healthy Culture

By Quality Digest on 19 April 2018

The upsides and downsides of organisational culture - can there be too much of a good thing, and what are the challenges of that?

What are Interested Parties, and How do you Manage Them?

By ISO Update on 22 February 2018

ISO Management Systems consider Interested Parties an essential element in the success of any business. Interested parties, also referred to as Stakeholders must be managed in order to obtain and retain their support. Additionally, many ISO Management Standards including; ISO 90

Performance Indicators for ISO 9001:2015

By ISO Update on 19 February 2018

In order to meet and improve customer satisfaction it’s essential to monitor and measure performance by using different indicators.

The Independent Meat Inspection Scheme

By Food Focus on 25 January 2018

What is the Independent Meat Inspection Scheme?

The Benefits of Integrated Management Systems

By ISO Update on 05 December 2017

There comes a point in the development of many organisations when they need to obtain some form of certification, and for the majority they will probably implement a management system for either Quality or Health & Safety. There then follows...

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