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Can you afford a recall -  what it could really cost you?

By Gary Jackson on 25 May 2018

When you are faced with the potential of having your product contaminated in some form or another, and you need to institute a recall (either on instruction or voluntary) there are a number of costs associated with the process. But do you really understand the true extent of thes

Changing Company Culture: It's a Matter of Principles

By EHS Today on 10 May 2018

People calling for a changed culture often are experiencing the painful results of behaviors that are typical in reactive manufacturing organizations. A philosophical intervention is required.

Finding the Error in Their Ways

By Quality Digest on 27 March 2018

Human mistakes are inevitable. Knowing that, companies must be proactive about mitigating the risk from those mistakes. Software, including mobile apps, allows workers to be able to track incidents and near misses easier as part of an integrated risk management system that can he

The impact of the drought on the food industry in the Western Cape

By Linda Jackson on 24 January 2018

Food Focus chatted to the City of Cape Town about the impact of the drought on the food industry in the Western Cape, as Day Zero looms around the corner.

Risk-Based Thinking

By ISO Update on 06 December 2017

Mastering risk-based thinking will allow any organization to fully understand their current situation, identify risks and opportunities and effectively manage them. Risk-based thinking refers to thinking ahead of a situation ....

How does the POPI act impact your food business?

By Linda Jackson on 01 December 2017

Are you aware just how much information you are responsible for protecting under the POPI Act? It might be time to plan how best to manage that information and reduce your risk.

Using technology as your due diligence defence

By Linda Jackson on 02 August 2017

It only takes one slip to cause a food safety problem and your ability to show you’ve done everything within your power to be safe may be your only defence. Using technology can be a cost-effective solution to ensure you have all the right records to prove due diligence

Why banning laptops from airplane cabins doesn't make sense

By The Conversation on 29 June 2017

Recent reports suggest that terrorists can now create bombs so thin that they cannot be detected by the current X-ray screening that our carry-on bags undergo, so the U.S is considering banning laptops and other large electronic devices in the passenger cabins. But will this red

Stellenbosch University researchers develop easy method to detect SA honey fraud

By Foodstuff South Africa on 05 April 2017

How does the industry fight back against food fraud? Well, food scientists and researchers from Stellenbosch University (SU) and the Sapienza University of Rome have developed a quick and user-friendly method to detect whether the honey in question is the real thing or not.

See, hear, and speak no evil ... are you guilty?

By Quality Assurance & Food Safety Mag on 04 April 2017

Are we guilty of seeing, hearing and speaking no evil in our daily lives as quality and food safety leaders? Instead of wearing blinders, earplugs, and muzzles (figuratively or literally), we need to be doing everything we can to build our relationships with company executives as

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