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The FACTS laboratory is the first in South Africa (and one of few worldwide) to be able to detect and quantify traces of contaminant allergens in food products. In addition to providing a reliable result, our expertise allows us to interpret our findings and to recommend practical solutions. FACTS offers a variety of food allergen testing options, the most frequently requested being gluten, egg, milk and soy.


The Woodmill, Office 10A 1st Floor,
Vredenburg Road
Western Cape

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Tel: +27 21 882 9883
Email: info@factssa.com
Website: http://www.factssa.com/


Rapid kits: On-site solution for food allergen testing

By FACTS on 28 September 2020

Food allergen control is no longer a foreign concept. Since the publication of the labelling regulations (R.146/2010 as amended), the food industry has made many positive strides to master the principles of allergen control.