World Health Organisation 5 Keys to Safer Food

The Department of Health recommends adherence to the World Health Organisation's Five Keys to Safer Food in the fight against listeria in South Africa.  Here are those Five Keys.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) developed their Five Keys to Safer Food Programme to encourage safer food handling behaviors and educate all food handlers - and yes, this means consumers too -  with effective, and easy-to-understand tools to handle food safely.

The Five Keys to Safer Food outlines the fundamental principles that every person in the world should be aware of, as this can help prevent foodborne diseases such as listeria, which is what South Africa is dealing with right now.


The Five Keys to Safer Food are:

  • keep clean
  • separate raw and cooked
  • cook thoroughly
  • keep food at safe temperatures
  • use safe water and raw materials



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Source: The World Health Organisation

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