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Do I need a license/permit to sell homemade beverages?

Submited by Marcus Steenkamp on 23 January 2018

Hi, I am starting up a small business that produces non-alcoholic beverages (kombucha to be exact). Due to financial constraints I would like to start off at home. My property is in a residential zon

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Which regulations to use when making mayonnaise?

Submited by Shoné White on 20 February 2017

Is the legislation relating to preservatives and antioxidants still applicable?R1425 does not mention R965, yet the preservative limits for mayonnaise differ in the 2 documents. Which regulations must


Retention records for training

Submited by Anel Du Plessis on 18 January 2017

Hi Can you please advise on the retention period for training records.  We just had our GFSI audit and a non-conformance was raised.  Our procedure states that we keep our records for 3 yea



Submited by Anisha Ramnarayan on 12 December 2016

HI All   I wondered whether anyone could assist me with the below information on flavours: method of production regulatory requirements hazards with relation to the flavour industry


Pesto problems

Submited by Colin Lyall on 08 December 2016

We are battling to get a vacuum on our lids after waterbathing our pestos. After filling and capping, we waterbath for 20mins at boiling temperature and then force the temperature down to 18 degrees a



Submited by Charmaine Hamilton on 16 November 2016

I have a client that would like us to pack for them. He requested if we can add the e-mark (next to the weight of the packet) I have been trying to get information for this E-mark certification (EU) -


Declaring E numbers in the EU

Submited by Colin Lyall on 11 November 2016

Hi  I'm trying to find out if you have to put an E number on your label for ALL ingredients that may have an e number? Specifically Sulphur Dioxide, Potassium sorbate & Tartaric acid? M


Global Gap Rev5

Submited by Anel Du Plessis on 03 November 2016

Hi Do you know of a company that gives Global GAP rev 5 training.  I know its late in the year but urgently need to find someone in JHB. Thanks for a wonderfully informative website   &n


Internal auditing

Submited by Anel Du Plessis on 03 November 2016

Hi   Do I need to use a external company to do my internal audit? Kind Regards Anel    

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Mushrooms legislation

Submited by Anel Du Plessis on 03 November 2016

Hi I was hoping you could tell me what the latest legislation is with regards to processed mushrooms in brine. Regards Anel