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Latest topics

How we can store food for more days?

Submited by Rajinder Singh on 21 May 2019

Is their any way which we can follow.


Which raw food vegan is best for health?

Submited by Rajinder Singh on 15 May 2019

give the name of the foods.


Rate Restaurant

Submited by Sunil Dogra on 14 May 2019

How to do rate any restaurant on the bases of food safety?

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Food Protection

Submited by Jack William on 14 May 2019

Provide me some food protection laws information.

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How would you rate the food safety culture in your workplace?

Submited by Sunil Dogra on 03 May 2019

Rate it now...


GMO-Free Claims

Submited by Shirley Wittig on 15 April 2019

On Food packaging, can you claim a product to be GMO-free without validation? If you need to validate this claim, how do you do this? Through lab testing?  Thanks.

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How we can stop wastage of food?

Submited by Rajinder Singh on 08 April 2019

best suggest me some points.


About the food safety

Submited by Sunil Dogra on 28 March 2019

What are the key facts of food safety?


FSMA & BRC 8 training courses

Submited by Marle de Wit on 18 March 2019

Good day, I am looking for a company that offers FSMA and BRC 8 training course in South Africa. Is anyone aware of such a training company. Thank you

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Differing regulations

Submited by Calvin Robertson on 15 March 2019

Good day all I work for a large beef wholesaler and processing plant. Now I have found that there has been some difficulties brought about by the the introduction of the R638 which states that meat p