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10 Documents You Need When Applying for a Certificate of Acceptability

By Adele Krogh on 26 July 2019

Here are some of the examples of supporting documentation which the EHP might require from you when applying for a Certificate of Acceptability. It's better to be prepared!

Important parameters to measure for meat processors

By Testo South Africa SANAS Calibration Lab JHB on 19 July 2019

The challenges meat processors face have increased in the past years: regulations, documentation, hygiene checks, official assessments, operative self-checks, HACCP system - the requirements have been drastically tightened.

8 Things to Consider When Designing Food Processing Plants | EBOOK

By on 18 July 2019

8 Things to Consider When Designing Food Processing Plants for Optimum Hygiene and Food Safety - Download the EBook now.

Warehousing and distribution – the moving link in the food chain

By Doug Hunter of Syspro on 24 June 2019

So, what does it take to be a reputable distributor who is dedicated to and consistently apply food safety best practices throughout their operations — from truck to warehouse to delivery

Tiger Brands allowed to reopen Polokwane facility after listeria outbreak

By Bridget Day on 07 December 2018

Enterprise Polokwane has been issued a Certificate of Acceptability from the municipality's Environmental Health Department, permitting the factory to start production again.

Understanding chemical hazards in lubricants and other non-food compounds – Part 2

By Ulli Gerntholtz of NSF on 30 November 2018

Implementing HACCP in processed meat products - it’s not just about Listeria

BRC Issue 8 - What is in store

By Ulli Gerntholtz of NSF on 25 October 2018

The British retail consortium (BRC) food safety standard is one of the oldest and most widely used retail food safety standards. The latest revision (Issue 8) was published August 2018 and this article outlines the most important changes you should implement as soon as possible.

Inadequate Cooking and Handling Partly to Blame for Persistent Salmonella Illnesses in Canada

By Food Safety Magazine on 19 September 2018

Over the past 16 months, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) reports that health officials in Canada have identified hundreds of laboratory-confirmed human illnesses associated with...

How to Survive Your Worst Food Safety Nightmare

By Food Quality & Safety on 10 September 2018

Bad news travels faster than a Salmonella outbreak on the 4th of July. That’s why when a food safety crisis hits, or any situation that challenges the safety or quality of your product, it’s essential to respond immediately.

Harmonizing Produce Safety Standards Relieves Audit Fatigue

By Food Quality & Safety on 22 July 2018

The USDA and FDA on June 5 aligned the USDA Harmonized GAP audit with the FDA’s Produce Safety Rule to both streamline audits for farmers and assure them that private audits are consistent with federal produce safety rules.

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