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Media Release on Foot-And-Mouth Disease: Update

By Food Focus on 29 November 2019

In summary: On 1 November 2019, veterinary services were alerted to clinical signs suspicious for Foot-and Mouth disease (FMD) in a herd of cattle on a farm in the Molemole local municipality of the Capricorn district, Limpopo...

Service Delivery Forum

By Abigail Smith on 22 January 2019

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Honourable Senzeni Zokwana (MP) met with stakeholders in the Agriculture sector on the 16th of January at the service delivery forum. The purpose of this forum was to open communication between the agriculture sector stakeholde

In 100 years’ time, maybe our food won’t be grown in soil

By The Conversation on 06 December 2018

It takes a lot to make a room of soil scientists gasp. Last month, I presented at the National Soils Conference in Canberra, and asked 400 colleagues a simple question: do you think soil will play as significant a role in food production in 100 years as it does today?

Food security: how Fairtrade helps level the playing field for small producers

By The Conversation on 26 May 2017

Paradoxically, of the one billion people classified as food insecure by the United Nations, about 500 million are smallholder farmers in developing economies. Some of these producers are exporting luxuries such as coffee, cocoa, exotic fruits and sugar for consumers in developed

Healthy soil is the real key to feeding the world

By The Conversation on 04 May 2017

One of the biggest modern myths about agriculture is that organic farming is inherently sustainable. It can be, but it isn’t necessarily. After all, soil erosion from chemical-free tilled fields undermined the Roman Empire and other ancient societies around the world

Meeting water and energy challenges in agri-food sector with technology

By Wayne Visser on 21 March 2017

Worldwide, the overall growth in demand for agricultural products will require a 140% increase in the supply of water over the next 20 years compared to the past 20 years. While the bulk of this demand will be from irrigation, food processing plants can also be water intensive.

One hen’s coop is another hen’s graveyard

By Linda Jackson on 26 January 2017

An interesting week for our feathered friends – across the world several interesting articles were published on the suitability of their living accommodations. These articles show the intersection of management system requirements and the need for a holistic approach to policies

Drought in southern Africa points to urgent need for climate change plans

By The Conversation on 08 December 2016

It is expected that temperatures in southern Africa will rise to between 1.5°C and 3°C due to climate change by the year 2050. This is likely to cause heavy fluctuations of weather patterns and more frequent severe weather events like droughts and floods. Agriculture will be seve

Why does soil matter (Infographic)

By Bridget Day on 05 December 2016

We celebrate World Soil Day on 5 December - but what is it about soil that is so important? This infographic will give you a few thought-provoking facts about why soil matters so much.

Farm worker training what you need to know

By Marianne van Niekerk on 08 November 2016

In our previous article we met Daisy and explained the basic care for dairy cows, (Ultimately our food). In this article we interview a dairy farmer and chat about his concerns to ensure the correct practices are practiced by farm workers.

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