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RECORDING I DSA - Fermentations that play a role in cheese making and cheese ripening

By Dairy Standard Agency on 15 May 2024

There are various fermentations that play an important role in cheese making and cheese ripening.

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RECORDING I DSA Lab Services...making a difference in the dairy industry

By Dairy Standard Agency on 08 April 2024

Nala Manamela - Laboratory Manager revealed the heart of DSA Lab Services.

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RECORDING l Understanding lameness in dairy cattle

By Dairy Standard Agency on 06 March 2024

The webinar focused on the anatomical and physiological changes that occur in the hoof that lead to lameness and the various factors that cause these changes.

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RECORDING l Recent development in the dairy regulatory landscape

By Food Focus on 29 February 2024

Jompie Burger provides unparalleled insights into the recent developments in the dairy regulatory landscape!

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RECORDING | Increase your profits with dairy farm animal welfare

By Food Focus on 19 November 2023

Dr Mark Chimes speaks on how to improve your dairy production with simple welfare steps that you can implement on your dairy farm.

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RECORDING | Managing flies on dairy farms

By Food Focus on 06 November 2023

Often dismissed as mere nuisances, flies pose a far more significant threat than meets the eye. Not only are they an irritant, but they also act as vectors for bacteria and diseases. Nowhere is this threat more apparent than on dairy farms.

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RECORDING | The prudent use of agricultural chemicals on milk production farms

By Food Focus on 19 October 2023

Agricultural chemicals or pesticides as they are commonly referred to, are potentially hazardous substances that must be treated with caution.

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RECORDING | Public health risks related to the consumption of raw milk and dairy products made from raw milk

By Food Focus on 18 September 2023

The question however remains – how successful are the control measures regarding the consumption of raw milk for direct consumption currently or are the South African consumer at risk? Watch this recording now.

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RECORDING I HOW Dairy Gives You More Go Than You Know

By Food Focus on 01 September 2023

Did you miss this webinar with the Consumer Education Project (CEP) of Milk SA will about the dairy matrix concept? Discover how it applies in milk, yoghurt, maas and cheese in this recording.

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RECORDING l Certifying detergents & disinfectants fit for use in the dairy industry

By Food Focus on 18 August 2023

The webinar outlines the SABS product certification process as it applies to detergents and disinfectants for use in the dairy industry (SANS 1828 and SANS 1853 respectively).

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RECORDING I SASDT Lactoperoxidase Webinar

By Food Focus on 20 July 2023

Lactoperoxidase: A natural enzymatic system to protect dairy products against microbial spoilage. BIENCA is a Belgian Company that develops and provides innovative and by nature inspired solutions for the microbial safety of food products.

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RECORDING l The key to effective sampling of milk and dairy products

By Food Focus on 12 July 2023

Recording of the live Webinar with the DSA on the topic of effective sampling of milk and dairy products in the trade.

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RECORDING | Design criteria and factors important for effective cleaning in place

By Food Focus on 13 June 2023

Hygienic design principles, relating to equipment as well as the relevant processes, are applied in Food and Beverage operations.

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RECORDING I The Fear Factor in Microbiological Automated Test Methods

By Food Focus on 03 May 2023

VIEW THE RECORDING | The relation between the traditional method and automation can be complex to understand and interpret in our daily business. This webinar will dig into the value of automation, and how we can benefit from it.

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RECORDING | Reviewing R3337 Draft Food Labelling Regulations

By Food Focus on 25 April 2023

VIEW THE RECORDING Where the experts from Hahn & Hahn Attorneys dived into the R3337 Labelling Regulations.

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RECORDING | rBST – Friend or Foe?

By Food Focus on 12 April 2023

VIEW THE RECORDING - rBST is a hormone that is injected into dairy cows to make them produce more milk. In the recent past rBST has been at the receiving end of a lot of negative attention. View the recording to find out more from the DSA.

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RECORDING | Sharpen your Pencil on Dairy Legislation

By Food Focus on 17 March 2023

VIEW THE RECORDING | How should stakeholders in the dairy industry navigate through the processes of regulation in a multi-dimensional, fragmented regulatory environment that is very demanding?

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RECORDING | Reviewing the Draft Food Labelling Regulations (R2986)

By Food Focus on 20 February 2023

VIEW THE RECORDING: In this 2-hour webinar, Food Law experts from Hahn & Hahn Attorneys covered an overview of the content and the changes to the Regulations, to assist you in preparation for submitting YOUR comments by the deadline.

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RECORDING | Pasteurisation to the next level

By Food Focus on 02 November 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | Pasteurisation of milk will remain a hot topic! This heat treatment ensures safety for human consumption by reducing the number of viable pathogenic bacteria.

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SURVEY | What food safety expenses do you find hardest to justify to your CEO?

By Food Focus on 18 October 2022

Managing your food safety hazards and risks effectively costs money – which is often gets pushback from the CEO/Management team. Tell us what you find hardest in this survey!

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