Food Truck Series

We are all painfully aware of the impact that COVID-19 has had on many businesses. People have lost their jobs and some sectors are still struggling to recover such as the restaurant industry.

During lockdown Food Focus received many more enquiries from potential business owners considering a mobile food business. We had the opportunity to talk to a new business owner about their experiences in starting such a venture. We will be sharing her insights in our new 5-part Food Truck Series.

In part 1 we will be chatting about Starting right – designing your unit and tackling legal obligations. In part 2 we chat about designing your mobile food unit to be legal and practical. Part 3 talks about your responsibilities as the person in charge. Part 4 is a bonus personal hygiene poster for you to put up in your unit to remind your staff to practice food safety. In part 5 we chat to Joanne about some of the challenges you may face in operating a mobile food business.

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Food Truck Series Part 5 | Train your Food Truck Staff

By Linda Jackson on 13 December 2021

Everyone has a right to a safe plate of food

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Food Truck Series Part 4 | Train your Food Truck Staff

By Linda Jackson on 07 December 2021

In this episode we decided to help you train your staff with these useful food safety posters for the major do’s and don’t’s. Laminate it and stick it up as a handy reminder.

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Food Truck Series Part 3 | Your legal responsibilities as the business owner – the person in charge

By Linda Jackson on 30 November 2021

As the business owner, it is important to remember the legal responsibilities you are shouldering.

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Food Truck Series Part 2 | Designing your unit for food safety and more

By Linda Jackson on 23 November 2021

Making sense of the law can be complicated. In part 2 of our Food Truck series, we explain the requirements you have to comply with and some of Joanne’s tips.

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Food Truck Series Part 1 | Starting a mobile food business?

By Linda Jackson on 15 November 2021

Want to operate a mobile food business? We chat to some ladies about their mobile food adventure and what it takes to start right – and legal.

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