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Sustainability and the Straw

By Food Focus on 15 July 2019

Food Focus caught up with KFC this month following the news of their commitment to eliminating plastic straws in their 900 restaurants this month. We wanted to find out more about their sustainability efforts.

Sending surplus food to charity is not the way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

By The Conversation on 27 May 2019

Giving food that would otherwise go to landfill to hungry people does little to ensure the well-being of Canadians who are food insecure.

Why the Indian Ocean is spawning strong and deadly tropical cyclones

By The Conversation on 09 May 2019

The Indian Ocean has made its mark on the global news cycle this year. In March, tropical cyclone Idai made headlines as one of the most severe storms to have made landfall in Mozambique. Current estimates indicate that more than 1,000 people died.

WHO says climate change could have ‘considerable’ food safety impact

By Food Safety Tech on 20 April 2019

Climate change is likely to have considerable impact on food safety, placing public health at risk, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

In 100 years’ time, maybe our food won’t be grown in soil

By The Conversation on 06 December 2018

It takes a lot to make a room of soil scientists gasp. Last month, I presented at the National Soils Conference in Canberra, and asked 400 colleagues a simple question: do you think soil will play as significant a role in food production in 100 years as it does today?

Crisis proofing South Africa’s water security

By The Conversation on 13 November 2018

South Africa is often referred to as the 30th driest country in the world, a claim that’s based on its average annual rainfall of 500mm compared to the world average of 860mm. National rainfall averages have a purpose...

Yes, eating meat affects the environment, but cows are not killing the climate

By The Conversation on 25 October 2018

Removing animals from agriculture would lower national greenhouse gas emissions to a small degree, but it would also make it harder to meet nutritional requirements. Many critics of animal agriculture are quick to point out that if farmers raised only plants, they could produce m

How changing the world’s food systems can help to protect the planet

By The Conversation on 21 September 2018

Going into debt with nature is a dangerous thing. When our stocks of water, land and clean air are spent – we don’t have a second planet to borrow from. But that’s exactly the way that Earth is heading.

Climate change, water and the spread of diseases: connecting the dots differently

By The Conversation on 19 September 2018

Half a century ago concerns about climate change, environment vulnerability, population density and the sustainability of earth systems reached a broad audience. This was clear from books like the Silent Spring published in 1962, and The Limits to Growth published 10 years later.

African countries aren’t doing enough to prepare for rising sea levels

By The Conversation on 19 September 2018

Sea levels are rising around the world. In the last quarter century, on the north-eastern African coastline, sea levels have risen by as much as 12cm. The future looks even more worrying.

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