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RECORDING | Cybersecurity for food safety - are you prepared?

By Food Focus on 11 January 2022

VIEW THE RECORDING | According to a recent Interpol report, cybercrime cost the South African economy 573 million USD in 2016 alone. Large businesses are not the only targets and almost half of known attacks are targeting small businesses as they potentially have lower defensive

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Small To Medium-Size Business Cyber Security best practice

By Carel Krogh on 29 October 2021

October is here and it is also Cyber Security Awareness month! As part of our contribution, we have decided to share some insights into the world of Cyber Security and what could be done to reduce the Cyber Risks businesses face.

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Demystifying incident response plans

By Carel Krogh on 27 October 2021

Cyber-attacks are no longer just a focus area for large financial and tech institutions. These attacks are becoming more common, targeting various institutions in a variety of different sectors. SME`s might not be classified as high-value targets, but the chances of successful at

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FRIDAY FOOD SAFETY FUNDAMENTALS | 10 things you need to know about internal auditing

By Food Focus on 30 April 2021

VIEW THE RECORDING: Internal auditing is the way you ensure your food safety management system is effective. We ask some internal auditors for their tips. Why not join us and share some of your own?

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WEBINAR | Food Industry 2021: What to Expect from Regulations

By Food Focus on 11 February 2021

VIEW THE RECORDINGS: Food Industry 2021: What to Expect from Regulations | 18 February 11am

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Tips for Working with Remote Auditors : Part 4

By Guest Author on 18 November 2020

In an industry that still relies on hard-copy records and face-to-face business, navigating COVID-19 has pushed more food companies into embracing new working systems. Included in this mix are remote auditing methods. Their use has been limited due to companies preferring regular

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WEBINAR | Optimizing your Food and Beverage during Crisis

By SYSPRO Pty Ltd on 13 November 2020

View the recording of this webinar on SYSPRO ERP and the benefit it offers in optimizing your food and beverage during a crisis

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Breaking Boundaries to Avoid a Food System Crisis - Part 4

By Guest Author on 21 July 2020

True impact will be achieved when a food systems mindset is embodied throughout the organizations and stakeholders within the food system. The hurdle to true impact lies with providing opportunities to foster and grow the shift to a food systems approach. To begin that journey, t

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Breaking Boundaries to Avoid a Food System Crisis - Part 3

By Guest Author on 14 July 2020

By embracing andunderstanding the VUCAnature of the food system,future leaders will be ableto leverage capacity andbuild deeperunderstandings of allcomponents of the foodsystem. A VUCA mindsetcombined with a foodsystems-thinking approachpromotes a more holistic path to solve prob

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Breaking Boundaries to Avoid a Food System Crisis - part 2

By Guest Author on 06 July 2020

From a different aspect, labor shortages are also driving volatility. With unemployment at historic lows in the U.S., many food producers from farm to retail cannot hire enough labor or may be relying on temporary labor, forcing rapid change in diverse areas from mechanization to

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Breaking Boundaries to Avoid a Food System Crisis - Part 1

By Guest Author on 30 June 2020

Humanity is facing a daunting challenge that, if not addressed now, will rise to epic proportions. The challenge: Ensure food security while volatile, uncertain, complex, andambiguous (VUCA) challenges arise at a faster rate than ever expected. If we continue down the same path t

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Ethics in the food industry

By Linda Jackson on 22 June 2020

While most of us were focused on rushing around getting extra toilet paper prior to the national COVID 19 pandemic lockdown, the national department for statistics, STATS SA released their latest cause of death report on 26th March 2020.

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WEBINAR I How to tackle digital transformation in your food business

By SYSPRO Pty Ltd on 11 May 2020

View this Recording | With the COVID 19 pandemic ongoing and many industries still in lockdown, many of us have explored the digital options in an attempt to continue with business, But for true Digital Transformation.

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WEBINAR | How COVID-19 presents vulnerabilities for the food supply chain

By Food Focus on 17 April 2020

While our attention is focussed on the COVID-19 crisis, could we be even more vulnerable to food fraud than ever before? With shortages of ingredients, lack of resources and the impact on global trade, this is certainly not the time to lower our guard.

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A Message to the Agriculture and Food Sector of South Africa

By Food Focus on 24 March 2020

A Message to the Agriculture and Food Sector of South Africa From Minister Thoko Didiza: Agriculture and Food Sector of South Africa on Coronavirus

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Deadly fruit fungus could wipe out bananas

By Guest Author on 23 November 2019

Dr Sylvain Charlebois from Dalhousie University explores how the banana industry is adapting to modern needs and constraints.

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Using Technology for Traceability Adds Dimension to Supply Chain, Promises ROI

By Guest Author on 16 October 2019

“As food safety leaders, it is our responsibility to actively investigate the newest technologies in the market with the goal of providing the highest level of safety for our customers. The regulatory environment is rapidly evolving from a position of...

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Why use Independent Laboratories?

By Pinky and the Brain on 07 October 2019

Hello to all of you in the food industry, from the secret office of Pinky and the Brain! Today we are wondering why there is still doubt about using independent laboratories in the food industry….

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Webinar | The ABC's of IP - Who is stealing your food industry trade secrets from under your nose?

By Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn SA (Pty) Ltd on 13 August 2019

From copyright to trademark, you should be aware of your IP, how this impacts your business and where you are at risk of losing your most valuable assets. Watch the recording now.

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Want to Reduce Risk? Then Don’t Get Too Caught Up in Procedure

By Guest Author on 10 May 2019

Focus on risk reduction outcomes, rather than just completing tasks, to ensure real results.

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