RECORDING | What’s Next for Meat Analogue Products?

By Food Focus on 28 August 2022


The last 2 months have been disruptive for the plant-based sector in South Africa, with the regulator promising to clamp down on all meat analogue products being sold with names such as burgers and sausages, which according to R1283 are reserved only for meat products.

The notice sent out by the Assignee on 16 August this year, advising that seizures would commence, was quashed by a ruling from the Johannesburg High Court, following an application from the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa. This interdict prevents the Food Safety Agency (Pty) Ltd and the Minister of the Department of Land Reform and Rural Development from proceeding with any action—for now at least.

Join us as we chat to legal eagle Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn on what the interdict means for plant-based producers and manufacturers, how much time this will provide the sector, and how he sees this playing out.

We will also hear from Donovan Will of ProVeg South Africa, on what effect this has had on the organisation’s members, if there has been a move towards changing product labelling so far, and what they feel would be the best outcome for plant-based companies.

You will also get the chance to ask your questions – so please come prepared.


Download Janusz Luterek presenation - Meat Analogues legal landscape enforcement.pdf


Janusz Luterek
Lawyer at Hahn & Hahn

Janusz holds degrees in both Chemical Engineering from the University of Pretoria and Law from UNISA and is a registered Attorney, Patent Attorney, and Professional Engineer. Janusz is a partner of Hahn & Hahn Attorneys, a boutique law firm founded in 1951 and he specialises in IP law, food law, regulatory affairs, and product liability/ consumer law. Janusz is a Custodian Member of SAAFoST and sits on the Council of FSI of the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa as well as sitting on the Food Law Advisory Group of the Department of Health.

Donovan Will 
Director, ProVeg South Africa

Before ProVeg, Donovan was the Brand Manager at The Fry Family Food Co. (Fry’s), a Director at the South African Vegan Society, and part of the Vegilicious Cape Town team. He has a passion for connecting key stakeholders and demonstrating how healthy, delicious, and ethical food choices can also lead to greater food security, improved equality, and more efficient use of resources. Sometimes it seems that the main reason he joined ProVeg is that he gets to eat a lot of Fry’s Nuggets and Beyond Meat Burgers.

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