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Novice Risk & Corporate Governance

By Linda Jackson on 08 November 2016

Risk management – only for the corporates?

This article provides an overview of the compliance journey from novice to advanced. As a novice you will gain an understanding of the steps ahead of you and how we can support you in the process.

Everyone has to start somewhere. So let’s start at the beginning. But we should know where we are headed and what the big picture is.

Our approach to compliance
When we tackle a new project or idea we very often instinctively use this approach:


This cycle was made famous by a quality guru called Dr Deming.
This is the cycle we actively follow in our articles to help guide you in your compliance journey.

You can see from the diagram below that as you progress from novice to advanced the level of compliance changes and the degree of difficulty of the articles will also increase.



What is a novice?

We think you are someone who is new to risk management and corporate governance and therefore your need the basics. We also consider that SMME’s think these principles are only for the large corporates. That’s where you have got it wrong. Putting a Corporate governance framework in place is essential for your growth. We help you develop your frameworks which is the set of policies, rules and procedures put in place – agreed upon by the business’ main shareholder, most likely the entrepreneur, that will assist with transparency, accountability, ethical behaviour and ultimately profitability within the business. It's as the company grows that most businesses are most in need of some kind of structure.

What must a novice be able to know and do?

Our intention with articles aimed at the novice is to ensure you have a workable understanding of the legislation you need to comply with. We also want to equip you on HOW to comply with practical tips, templates and advice. We deal with insurance issues, risk management issues and the need for a solid foundation. This should keep you, as the owner, out of jail if you make sure the right things happen every day.