RECORDING | Cybersecurity for food safety - are you prepared?

By Food Focus on 11 January 2022


According to a recent Interpol report, cybercrime cost the South African economy 573 million USD in 2016 alone. Large businesses are not the only targets and almost half of known attacks are targeting small businesses as they potentially have lower defensive barriers.  Small businesses face disproportionately larger costs relative to larger organisations in dealing with Cyber incidents and it can have detrimental effects in their ability to recover financially from an incident. The bottom line is any business that relies on IT technology to support and conduct its business is at risk. Join us for an insightful talk about Cyber Security, what that means for your business and what you can do to start to manage the risk. Your business might depend on it.

Download it here:  Download Cyber.pdf



Carel Krogh 

Carel is an information security professional who has worked for over 20 years in the financial and insurance services sector, as well as the telecommunication industry, both national and international. Carel has both a technical and management background, with extensive experience in security assurance, risk management, governance, forensics, IT Audit, security frameworks and methodologies and threat/vulnerability management. He is currently based in France where he worked on a multi-year security transformation and cultural change project for one of the worlds leading global insurance companies.


Jess Kelfkens

Jesse Kelfkens is pursuing a Masters degree in food safety and microbiology at Stellenbosch University in South Africa under the supervision of Professor Pieter Gouws and Professor Gunnar Sigge. She is an enthusiastic, diligent, and involved individual who thrives on challenges and is always willing to learn.

Her approach is mature and responsible in dealing with any assignment or issue that comes her way, while her. ease in collaborating with others to accomplish specific goals on time and with excellence sets her apart. Her ultimate goal is to make a positive contribution to the industry and on the lives of people through Food Safety. Thus, it's clear that her passion for the food sector is what motivates her to develop practical solutions to the challenges that modern culture faces.