WEBINAR | Food Industry 2021: What to Expect from Regulations

By Food Focus on 11 February 2021

WEBINAR | Date 18 February 11am

It’s no news that recent events such as global COVID-19 lockdowns and Brexit will have lasting effects on the Food Industry and the regulations which govern it, in addition to general regulatory updates which were already in the pipeline. To give the Industry insight into what’s coming and help navigate these “new waters”, Mérieux NutriSciences proudly presented “Food Industry 2021: What to Expect from Regulations” - a 2.5-hour interactive online symposium and Q&A led by subject matter experts and moderated by Linda Jackson of Food Focus.


Speakers include: 

  • Penny Campbell  (Director, Food Control, Department of Health)  
  • Janine Botha  (Trade Economist, Wesgro)
  • Karen Bosman  (Strategic Research and Public Affairs Officer, Wesgro)
  • Deon Jacobs  (Principal Inspector – Food & Associated Industries, NRCS) 
  • Mutsa Rwasoka  (Regulatory & Food Labelling Specialist, Mérieux NutriSciences)



Here are the presentations:

1. NDOH - Food control:  Download NDOH Food legislation in 2021 (1).pdf
2. Brexit - Wesgro:  Download Shifting Trade Winds New Horizons_Karen Bosman and Janine Botha_Wesgro (1).pdf
3. NRCS:  Download NRCS Food Regulation in 2021 (1).pdf
4. Food safety systems:  Download MXNS_ Food safety systems MRwasoka (1).pdf

Here are the recordings:

1. Introduction:

2. NDOH -Food Control:

3. Brexit - Wesgro:

4. NRCS:

5. Food safety systems:

6. Question session with the regulators:

It was a bumper session. enjoy!