WEBINAR I How to tackle digital transformation in your food business

By SYSPRO Pty Ltd on 11 May 2020

With the COVID 19 pandemic ongoing and many industries still in lockdown, many of us have explored the digital options in an attempt to continue with business, But for true Digital Transformation – where do you start?

While many industries and business leaders are already experiencing the benefits of digitalization, a large number of organizations have yet to embark on their digital transformation journey. To remain relevant in the era of industry 4.0, the time has come for companies to embrace and adopt emerging technologies that will allow them to thrive in the years to come.

Your ERP system can help digitalize your organization. The key is to ensure that it is future fit; that it has the capacity to act as the heart of your organization; and that it can provide you with the critical information you will need during the transformation process.

Watch this recording of our session with SYSPRO where we talk ith Deirdre Fryer about what digital transformation looks like and things to consider to ensure success.