WEBINAR | Optimizing your Food and Beverage during Crisis

By SYSPRO Pty Ltd on 13 November 2020

The coronavirus has created a revolutionary change in the world with the food & beverage industry being heavily affected. With Food and Beverage being one of the largest market sector in the world, organisational agility is a significant challenge.

The question is, how does the F&B market prepare for the long-term consequences caused by this life-changing virus? In addition to this, over the last decade, F&B companies faced a barrage of consumer-driven challenges and had to remain relevant while being competitive to a more environmental and health-conscious buyer. This paradigm shift to healthy eating habits, better waste management, effective recycling, and efficient traceability coupled with more stringent legislation makes being profitable even more difficult. With constrained supply chains and the rise of F&B e-commerce platforms, the reliance on your business systems operational, legislative, and predictive toolsets are mandatory for an organisation's long term survival.

The F&B industry is a primary target market for SYSPRO ERP. SYSPRO ERP controls and enables the manufacturing process, optimises supply chains, and manages recipe or blend creation at a consumer level.

This presentation highlights real-life SYSPRO solutions that have assisted us in overcoming these challenges during this pandemic. View the recording below.




I am a CA(SA) by professions with over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Whilst employed I held senior management positions with both local and internationally owned entities, this gave me a solid foundation in both operational and intergroup reporting. During this time I spent over 4 years managing, implementing and administering Syspro. 


10 years ago I took a leap of faith and started TSAR Business Solutions, and since we have grown into a Premium Specialized Solutions Partner of Syspro. We have implemented Syspro in a host of medium to large enterprises, including textile manufacturers, seaport cargo handlers, meat processors, beverage supply chain and manufacture, plastic and paper manufacturers. I serve as the Chief Solution Architect and Lead Implementer on these projects.


My strength lies in my ability to identify pain points within organisations and then use software and technology remedy the symptoms, thus removing the pain point. I have used this mythology to assist companies within the food and beverage to look at the entire business and systematically improve process and roles to strike a balance between being efficient and being effective. 

Deirdré Fryer is the Regional Product Manager for SYSPRO Africa, she focusses on understanding the needs and trends of SYSPRO’s customers and the industries they operate in. Throughout her career she has worked in software licensing, support, ERP projects as well as managing the SYSPRO Academy. Deirdré understands that businesses are constantly changing; this is what drives her passion to continuously stay informed on trends and engaging with customers to keep understanding their evolving needs.

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