WEBINAR | How COVID-19 presents vulnerabilities for the food supply chain

Webinar Wednesdays

By Food Focus on 17 April 2020

Download title: FACTS_Decernis_Covid-19_webinar_22_April_2020.pdf


While our attention is focussed on the COVID-19 crisis, could we be even more vulnerable to food fraud than ever before? With shortages of ingredients, lack of resources and the impact on global trade, this is certainly not the time to lower our guard. Food Focus chat to Dr. Harris Steinman from FACTS, www.factssa.com, and Dr. Chetan Palmer from Decernis, www.decernis.com , an international partner, about what is happening out there and what you should be doing to safeguard your company, your reputation and the consumer.


Download the presentation here.

For more information, please visit: https://www.factssa.com/covid-19/