RECORDING | Escherichia coli from a One Health perspective

By Food Focus on 05 October 2022


Escherichia coli (E. coli), a Gram-negative facultative anaerobic bacterium predominates among the bacteria in the intestine of many animal species. E. coli infections in livestock may be enteric or extraintestinal. The most common clinical manifestation of the enteric infections is diarrhoea. Extraintestinal infections include septicaemia, oedema disease, mastitis, uterine infection, and abortion.

Certain E. coli are food and waterborne zoonotic pathogens that cause diarrhoea, haemorrhagic colitis, and haemolytic uremic syndrome in humans but little or no disease in their animal reservoirs. E. coli infections are illustrative of the One Health concept as they embody the complex ecology of agricultural animals, wildlife, and the environment in zoonotic transmission from animals to humans.

In the webinar we focus on some of the significant aspects of the microbiology, epidemiology, and host-pathogen interactions of E. coli in animals from a One Health perspective addressing animal and environmental reservoirs, and proposing interventions targeted at pathways of transmission to optimise effective prevention and control measures.

More about our speaker:

Dr Chris van Dijk


Dr Chris Van Dijk MMedVet (Bov), a veterinary specialist, has worked for almost 40-years within the Private Practice, Public, and Corporate spheres. Beginning his career as a veterinarian and later as a veterinary specialist in a veterinary practice; from 2000 he moved into the corporate arena with one of the leading Animal Health Companies in the world, servicing South and Central Africa.

In 2015, Dr Van Dijk joined Non-Profit Organisation, Milk Producers’ Organisation (MPO) South Africa, as Executive Head. His role at the MPO included engaging with stakeholders at prominent levels, driving the identification of value- adding products, services and research and development aligned to meet the needs of sector participants.

In 2021 he embarked on a new venture as a specialist veterinary consultant, consulting for the FAO, pharmaceutical companies, South African Veterinary Association, and various other groups.



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