WEBINAR | CRC - Making parts washing in the food industry safer

By Louis Munnick of CRC Industries (Pty) Ltd on 30 October 2020

Making parts washing in the food industry safer for employees, safer for the environment and a sustainable business investment.

Every food business relies heavily on equipment in their processes. This makes parts washing a necessary step in maintaining and  servicing activities. While a lot of emphasis is placed on the safe use of lubricants in the food industry, other products used in the engineering workshop are not given the same focus. It is time to change this as solvent parts washer products potentially pose a significant hazard to the health of your employees and then there is the issue of disposal and cost of the Hazardous Waste.

Smartwasher uses an innovative solution to ”self clean”parts, it’s perfectly harmless in the Food Environment & it has a NSF A1 Rating. Join us as we chat to CRC Industries about this solution and how it can support your sustainability drive.

This presentation included

  • Louis Munnik – Your responsibility as a food manufacturer and the business risks – CRC Industries, RSA
  • Steven Colson – Integrating the use of Smartwasher into your greenlight programme – integrated risk management that puts food safety first – Some case studies from Australia
  • CRC Industries - NZ
  • Iain Faber – Introduction to Smartwasher as a risk management solution – CRC Industries - Australia
  • Rick Ellis – Closing remarks  - CRC Industries, RSA

Make sure you see for yourself how this product works and have all your questions answered in this interactive Talk Shop moderated by Linda Jackson, Food Focus.