Webinar | Using technology to improve your good distribution practices

Webinar Recording

By Food Focus on 27 June 2019

Doug Hunter of SYSPRO-Africa chatted with us on how technology can assist you with your good distribution practices, more critical than ever now that the new legal requirements for traceability included in Regulation 638 of 2018 put a focus on the distribution channel.

Whether you are handle your own deliveries or you are an outsourced distributor, these requirement apply. Doug shared some practical insights about using technology to your benefit and how these can be addressed in any size food handling business.

Doug currently heads up Professional Services for SYSPRO Africa. At heart he’s a manufacturing/logistics business professional - rather than an IT techie. His passion is to help companies discover and implement innovation using people, processes and appropriate business IT. Doug enjoys writing, traveling, mountain bike riding and drinking Malt Whisky - but not at the same time! We can't wait to chat to Doug

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