Food Safety Gets Fun - Food Safety Legends Announced - Pre-Order Now!

By: Food Focus on 03 May 2024

Food Safety Gets Fun - Food Safety Legends Announced - Pre-Order Now!

Join the Food Safety Legends movement and turn food safety awareness into an unforgettable experience!

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Elevate your food safety awareness with Food Safety Legends!

Food Safety Legends is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of his revolutionary board game, designed to complement and reinforce essential food safety knowledge for professionals across retail, manufacturing, processing, restaurants, and catering, all in a fun and engaging way.

Empowering All Levels: Awareness to Expertise

Food Safety Legends caters to every stage of the food safety journey. Whether you're a new team member or a seasoned manager, the game offers valuable insights. Answer 180 quiz-style questions on critical areas like hygiene, labelling, regulations, supplier management, hazards, foodborne illnesses, traceability, and allergen identification and more. Plus, navigate 100 scenario-based "pitfall" cards that simulate real-world challenges like contamination and temperature control issues. Use your knowledge and strategize with "power-up" cards to overcome these obstacles and emerge as a food safety legend for  your establishment!

Beyond Training: Building a Culture of Excellence

Food Safety Legends goes beyond traditional training methods. By playing in teams of 2-6 players, you'll foster communication, collaboration, and healthy competition. Discuss best practices, challenge assumptions, and solidify your understanding of crucial food safety concepts in a positive and interactive environment. This engaging experience is a valuable tool for food safety leaders and trainers to quickly evaluate team knowledge and identify areas where formal training may be needed. Food Safety Legends complements existing training programs, not replaces them.

Pre-Order Now & Be Launch Day Ready!

Food Safety Legends is available for pre-order today! Be among the first to experience this innovative awareness tool and receive a 15% discount voucher to redeem upon launch. Pre-orders will be dispatched the week of June 3rd, 2024, coinciding with World Food Safety Day June 7th, 2024!

Additional options include:

  • Bulk discounts for companies looking to order a larger number of games.
  • Game customization for large organizations, allowing personalization of the board and card content to be aligned with your unique food safety requirements.