Food Focus Newsletter 10 of 2023

By: Food Focus on 25 May 2023

Food Focus Newsletter 10 of 2023

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Food for Thought...

Food approval for the use of crickets has passed the first hurdle in the United Kingdom, being considered as “within the scope of novel foods regime and valid” by The Food Safety Agency (FSA).

According to their recently-published study “80% of consumers are aware of edible insects, 50% already think they are safe and 26% would be willing to try eating them.”

Seems like crickets might soon be on the menu in the UK.



Rika Kemp, we warmly welcome you to Foodemy

Rika Kemp is a food safety advisor, training facilitator, and trouble-shooter, with more than 30 years of experience. Her strengths are to make food safety simple by putting it in everyday terms, and to train food safety team members on standard requirements. Read more …
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