Food Focus Newsletter 14 of 2021

By: Food Focus on 22 July 2021

Food Focus Newsletter 14 of 2021


As if COVID-19 was not enough, South Africa now has to deal with the challenge of unrest and violence disrupting so much of life and causing loss of life and instability in the country.

The food industry, once again, carries the weight of the nation on them as shops are destroyed, food supply chains are disrupted and people are left without access to basic daily foodstuffs.

As an industry you are vital, you are valued, you are so very needed in this time. If we had a glass to raise, we would be toasting you right now for your resilience, your agility in answering the demands of this nation, and your ability to cope - in the face of not only one major national crisis, but two!  

We are humbled and proud to be part of this incredible sector in these impossibly challenging times. 

Our prayers are for your safety, security and health, and for this beautiful country of ours to find peace and healing.

Africa Food Safety Workshop 2021
4 August 2021   I  11h30


DSA - The top 10 test for dairy and why you should do them?
18 August 2021   I  10h00

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