Food Focus Newsletter 19 of 2023

By: Food Focus on 09 October 2023

Food Focus Newsletter 19 of 2023

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Welcome to October - the last quarter of 2023 is upon us, and year-end is looming. That may sound far off, but there are less than 11 weeks until Christmas, so it's time to dig deep and power through the rest of the year.

In the News...

With consumers demanding "better-for-you" foods, Nestlé stated that it aims to boost sales of healthier foods by 2030.  That's an increase of about $27.3 billion by the end of this decade, which is 50% up from 2022. READ MORE

The EU is set to ban greenwashing - targeting generic environmental claims and other misleading marketing tricks. Companies will have to deliver on their claims. READ MORE

UK's ban on certain single-use plastic products came into force across England on 1st October. Shops and hospitality businesses may no longer supply plastic cutlery, balloon sticks and polystyrene cups under the new rules. READ MORE
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These have just been released by the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development for comment. You have until 1 November to have submitted your feedback.

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Thirst for Change

Levels of water insecurity are soaring globally and South Africa is approaching physical water scarcity in 2025, much earlier than anticipated. It faces multiple water crises across all provinces and sectors. Taking action to increase water circularity through global collaboration and innovation could help tackle this.

Thirst for Change, is a partnership between BSI and leading water NGO Waterwise, and their report explores different approaches to water management, the findings offer key insights and lessons learned from various sectors as well as concrete steps that can drive progress. It's vital to act now, while we can still make a difference.

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NSF and QSystems both have new offerings listed in the Foodemy Training Hub.

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October and November courses now available. View more