Lu-Marie Sobey

Lu-Marie holds a BSc Food Science and is passionate about the food industry.

Lu-Marie applied food science knowledge in the food and packaging industry as independent consultant in Food safety, quality, auditing and innovation for 10 + years after starting her career in Nampak’s research laboratories.

In addition to her “analytical scientific side” she a strong creative side. In 2000 she co-founded SynNovation Solutions, and facilitated innovation, creativity and change for a diverse group of clients. She is passionate about finding new ways for teaching creative thinking and problem-solving in business and in education, particularly science students who transition from school to university.

To better understand and teach creative thinking and problem-solving, she completed a Certificate in NeuroLeadership (Cum Laude).

As she believes in life-long learning, her interests and expertise are wide but has a keen interest in the finely tuned systems in biology and nature.

She is now based in Perth, married to Andrew, an engineer, and has science-loving twin sons. Contact: +61 452 558508 or