Yvette Montalbano

Yvette Montalbano is qualified in HR. Highlights in her career include her position as CEO of the Business Womens’ Association. She also was involved in the development and managing of Ambusave Academy, accredited with the HWSeta, and in turn with the HPCSA and LGSeta with their respective courses, Ambusave Academy is now also an accredited private FET (Further Education and Training institution).

In 2009, Yvette became involved in the establishment of the SHEQ Development Institute (SDi) and facilitated the buy-in of Ambusave Academy and the expansion of SDi’s OHS/SHEQ national footprint. SDi provides a total OHS & SHEQ solution for its clients on a national basis. Yvette currently heads up the Finance and HR department at SDi and keeps an eye on the general management and operations of all divisions.