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Bits and Bites – October 2018

06 October 2018

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The Pros and Cons of Visual Inspection

25 September 2018

HACCP Mentor - Completing a visual inspection is one of the most common verification methods used the assess the level of cleaning in a food business. It cost effective when compared to laboratory swab analysis and can be performed by any trained employee. What is a visual inspec

What records should you keep for food traceability?

11 September 2018

HACCP Mentor - The quality of your food traceability records can impact the ability of your food business to quickly and correctly recall product from the marketplace. During a recent audit I was required to complete a traceability activity. One of the questions I was asked by th

Bits and Bites – September 2018

14 September 2018

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5 things you must do after every food compliance audit

13 August 2018

HACCP Mentor - A food compliance audit can be undertaken for may reasons. Primarily, they are completed to assess the compliance aspects of a food safety management system. These audits can be preformed internally, on a second party, for example, by your customers or of your supp

5 ways to prevent foreign matter in your food

09 August 2018

HACCP Mentor - One of the aims of every food business should be to prevent foreign matter. It is also basic legal requirement that food does not contain any foreign matter or physical hazards. This post covers seven ways to achieve this outcome. It also provides common control me

Preventing the introduction of unintended allergens

03 July 2018

HACCP Mentor - Unintended allergens can be introduced into your food business through many ways. This can become a major issue especially if your food production or retail site does not handle allergenic materials or produce allergenic products. In this post find out three common

How to challenge your food defense plan

12 June 2018

HACCP Mentor - The aim of a food defense plan is to identify how your food business is going to protect food from acts of intentional adulteration. However, like most contingency planning, the identification of potential risks and strategies for control are just one part of a rob

How to manage social media during a recall

28 May 2018

HACCP Mentor - Have you ever had to manage social media during a food recall? Even though you may not have experienced a food recall, it may only be a matter of time. In saying this, preparation is key when it comes to managing your social media. Welcome to HACCP Chat where educa

How to develop your foreign object register

15 May 2018

HACCP Mentor - A foreign matter register can help your food business manage potential physical hazards. Like any type of hazard control, when you can identify where potential problems may occur, you can put sufficient mitigation strategies in place. In this post, find out the wha

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