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South African Society of Dairy Technology Conference

By South African Society of Dairy Technology on 03 June 2019

You are invited to a one day symposium presented by the South Africa Society of Dairy Technologists

The future of food, at Africa’s Big 7

By on 29 May 2019

Africa’s food industry is set to be disrupted by the 4th Industrial Revolution, forcing more agile approaches and more innovation to future-proof businesses, say experts set to speak at a key upcoming food and beverage event in Johannesburg. Speakers at the...

Is reactive testing still a relevant measure of quality assurance?

By Carbotect on 25 May 2019

Optimal Quality Assurance (QA) of food and beverage products will always be the cornerstone of consumer health, brand integrity and commercial viability.

How resilient are food businesses?

By BSI Group South Africa on 09 May 2019

Richard Werran, Director of Food at BSI analyzes the latest BSI Organizational Resilience Index – and considers what it reveals about the food industry

CRC Industries - Food Safe through the line

By CRC Industries South Africa on 23 April 2019

CRC understands the food industry, whether it is growing, processing, packaging or production. CRC food grade products are registered by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and conform to its strict standards.

Looking for microbial testing for your food, swabs and water?

By Food Consulting Services on 01 April 2019

Looking for microbial testing for your food, swabs and water? Look no further - Food Consulting Services can help you tick all the right boxes!

NSF Africa - supporting the African continent with excellence

By NSF on 19 February 2019

NSF International is dedicated to being the leading global provider of public health and safety-based risk management solutions, bringing innovation and world class expertise, and integrity to the African markets.

How the food industry can survive and prosper in today’s world

By BSI Group South Africa on 06 February 2019

Long-term prosperity in business is rare and decreasing. Not least in the food sector where organizations must continually ensure that they adapt to industry trends, and anticipate the ever-changing needs and expectations of consumers to remain successful.

What do Pizza and ERP have in common?

By SYSPRO on 01 February 2019

Three major parts. Each one on its own may have multiple ingredients but when used in a single end product, becomes a deliciously integrated whole. So when I look at SYSPRO, and how all its parts function in a cohesively integrated manner, we understand Aristotle’s philosophy tha

The use of UV-C technology in the food processing industry

By Technilamp (Pty) Ltd on 21 January 2019

Technilamp’s UV-C lamp technology disinfects foods and surfaces naturally.

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