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Packaging and labelling trends you need to be aware of in 2020

By Mitas Corporation (Pty) Ltd on 13 January 2020

While 2019 saw the launch of naked fruit and veggies in some retail outlets, 2020 trends for packaging and labelling have seen predictions such as Smart Packaging, Transparent and clear labelling, 100% recyclable materials, edible packaging, minimalism and increased portability.

Better Safety through Better Science

By bioMerieux South Africa on 05 December 2019

In a competitive global food market, manufacturers face increasing challenges to ensure product safety and quality while improving operational efficiency. This is where diagnostic solutions provide the rapid, accurate results you need to maximize productivity, shelf life—and ulti

Our food waste problem and what can be done to reduce it?

By Mitas Corporation (Pty) Ltd on 29 November 2019

According to various reports, about a third of our food in SA ends up at landfill sites. Of this, fruits, vegetables and cereals account for 70% of the wastage and loss primarily throughout the food supply chain – from farm to fork and has been valued at R61.5 billion, while a st

Calibration | What are you putting your trust in for food safety?

By Testo South Africa on 29 November 2019

What are you putting your trust in for food safety? You HACCP system will have identified critical control points where you need to be confident that the process is under control - every time. Part of this is ensuring you are using reliable accurate measuring instruments...

bioMérieux Industry South Africa Food Events 2019

By bioMerieux South Africa on 09 October 2019

bioMérieux will be honored to welcome you at their Gene Up launch event that will take place in cities across the country.

The Naked Fruit and Veg Revolution Has Begun

By Mitas Corporation (Pty) Ltd on 01 October 2019

Globally, retailers and other businesses are beginning to recognise the damaging effects plastics have on the environment. Plastic is full of toxic compounds that are adding to an ever-increasing pollution crisis on land, sea and air and can take centuries to degrade.

Brand Protection of Food and Beverages

By Mitas Corporation (Pty) Ltd on 10 September 2019

With the onset of new supply chain regulations, the rising cost of recalls and the increase in counterfeit products, food and beverage processors seek brand protection solutions.

Intertek Supplier Management Programmes

By Intertek Services (Pty) Ltd on 30 August 2019

A social responsibility audit addresses the issues of worker rights, legal compliance and health and safety requirements in the supply chain. By addressing these issues your company can help boost quality and reduce cost while confronting important worldwide labour issues.

Surface disinfection using germicidal UV-C (GUV) technology

By Technilamp (Pty) Ltd on 14 August 2019

Meat processing facilities are under constant attack of microorganisms, such as bacteria and mould. The introduction of GUV technology is an economical and chemical-free system that disinfects on a continuous basis, with no additional resources required.

Food Allergen Testing

By MicroEeze on 12 August 2019

Food allergens are mainly proteins that the immune system of allergic individuals mistakenly believes are harmful. Food allergies are typically IgE-mediated, which means that the body produces large amounts of antibodies that specifically target the proteins of certain food produ

Hygienic, effective, environmentally friendly crate washing

By PHT-SA on 12 August 2019

Find out more about PHT's hygienic, effective, and environmentally friendly crate washing solution

Food fraud or Fake food

By Mitas Corporation (Pty) Ltd on 08 August 2019

Food fraud is a $50 billion annual industry, according to Michigan State University's Food Fraud Initiative— and you're probably eating some of the evidence. In South Africa, the counterfeit market was estimated to be costing our economy R360 billion - and that was back in 2011

Business Standards that Provide Businesses with Tools to Reduce Waste and Save Energy

By BSI Group South Africa on 29 July 2019

A set of business standards is giving food organisations the tools to reduce waste and save energy to minimise the harmful impact they could be having on the environment

Predict and Prevent the Effect of Pathogens by detecting it with the unrivaled VIDAS system

By bioMerieux South Africa on 15 July 2019

Are you looking for an automated pathogen detection solution to maxmise your lab's productivity and deliver cost savings?? You've found it with VIDAS.

Testo Temperature Monitoring Whitepaper Download

By Testo South Africa on 04 July 2019

Still taking measurements? Or are you monitoring already? Why not play it safe, and save money with a temperature monitoring system? Find out more on the options in this Whitepaper from Testo

Discover Farm to Fork Solutions from Mitas

By Mitas Corporation (Pty) Ltd on 05 July 2019

MITAS’ diverse portfolio of businesses provide the most comprehensive range of solutions offered around the world. Our Farm to Fork solutions help farmers monitor and control the environmental conditions produce goes through from planting, all the way to the consumer.

Compressed Air Quality Requirements in the Food Industry

By CS Instruments (Pty) Ltd on 15 July 2019

Compressed air very often is missed as a potential source of contamination because it is only seen as a utility. To be fully compliant with food legislation, the compressed air system must be included as part of the HACCP analysis...

Entecom Accredited R638 Training Now Available Online

By Entecom Eastern Cape (HO) on 01 July 2019

With the assistance of our online LMS platform partner, Cumulus Blue, we have managed to uphold the SETA requirements, offering quality video-based training that is practical and engaging, whilst streamlining administrative processes considerably.

SMT Labs Testing Services

By SMT LABS (Pty) Ltd on 26 June 2019

Find out how SMT Labs can support your testing needs.

South African Society of Dairy Technology Conference

By South African Society of Dairy Technology on 03 June 2019

You are invited to a one day symposium presented by the South Africa Society of Dairy Technologists

The future of food, at Africa’s Big 7

By on 29 May 2019

Africa’s food industry is set to be disrupted by the 4th Industrial Revolution, forcing more agile approaches and more innovation to future-proof businesses, say experts set to speak at a key upcoming food and beverage event in Johannesburg. Speakers at the...

Is reactive testing still a relevant measure of quality assurance?

By Carbotect on 25 May 2019

Optimal Quality Assurance (QA) of food and beverage products will always be the cornerstone of consumer health, brand integrity and commercial viability.

How resilient are food businesses?

By BSI Group South Africa on 09 May 2019

Richard Werran, Director of Food at BSI analyzes the latest BSI Organizational Resilience Index – and considers what it reveals about the food industry

CRC Industries - Food Safe through the line

By CRC Industries South Africa on 23 April 2019

CRC understands the food industry, whether it is growing, processing, packaging or production. CRC food grade products are registered by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and conform to its strict standards.

Looking for microbial testing for your food, swabs and water?

By Food Consulting Services on 01 April 2019

Looking for microbial testing for your food, swabs and water? Look no further - Food Consulting Services can help you tick all the right boxes!

NSF Africa - supporting the African continent with excellence

By NSF on 19 February 2019

NSF International is dedicated to being the leading global provider of public health and safety-based risk management solutions, bringing innovation and world class expertise, and integrity to the African markets.

How the food industry can survive and prosper in today’s world

By BSI Group South Africa on 06 February 2019

Long-term prosperity in business is rare and decreasing. Not least in the food sector where organizations must continually ensure that they adapt to industry trends, and anticipate the ever-changing needs and expectations of consumers to remain successful.

What do Pizza and ERP have in common?

By SYSPRO on 01 February 2019

Three major parts. Each one on its own may have multiple ingredients but when used in a single end product, becomes a deliciously integrated whole. So when I look at SYSPRO, and how all its parts function in a cohesively integrated manner, we understand Aristotle’s philosophy tha

The use of UV-C technology in the food processing industry

By Technilamp (Pty) Ltd on 21 January 2019

Technilamp’s UV-C lamp technology disinfects foods and surfaces naturally.

Progress Excellence Year End 2018

By Progress Excellence on 14 December 2018

Warm wishes from Progress Excellence. Please note that our offices will be closed from the 14th December to 7th January 2019.

QPRO SAI Global Lab accredited for Legionella testing in water.

By SAI Global on 07 December 2018

QPRO SAI Global Lab is SANAS accredited for 26 test methods and is notably one of the few Labs accredited for Legionella testing in water. Find out more on our testing

About SAI Global

By SAI Global on 09 November 2018

SAI Global is a global leader in Management Systems Certification, helping companies gain efficiencies, improve performance, establish and protect trust

PHT 10 year birthday specials

By on 07 November 2018

One of the greatest things about working at Food Focus is the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people in the food industry. One of our very special friends is having their 10th birthday this year and so we took the opportunity to chat to Delene Boshoff of PHT-SA.

Training is the key to achieving a true food safety culture

By BSI Group South Africa on 01 November 2018

Richard Werran, EMEA Food Director, BSI comments on how resilient organizations must not treat training simply as a box-ticking exercise if they want to avoid product recalls, and achieve excellence in their food safety culture.

SGS - Making the Difference

By SGS South Africa Pty Ltd on 31 August 2018

SGS - our solutions build trust, reduce risk and maintain efficiency across diverse agriculture and food supply chains.

From Salmonella to cyber attack

By BSI Group South Africa on 07 August 2018

By definition, doing business is a risk, however the issue for organizations is not whether to take risks, but actually how to manage and mitigate them. And in this challenge, the global food industry has much to learn.

Lucky winner of a testo thermometer

By Testo South Africa SANAS Calibration Lab JHB on 17 May 2018

Testo generously sponsored a testo 104 food safety thermometer, with 2-point SANAS calibration at the Bidfood Food Safety Awareness & Listeria Update Forum in Johannesburg on 15 May 2018.

NSF Training Calendar 2019

By NSF on 09 January 2018

NSF provides training courses and products designed to focus upon food and ancillary industries needs and meet specific client requirements. View their 2019 Calendar.

Rapid Pathogen Testing for Listeria

By Anatech on 07 December 2017

Listeria monocytogenes has been associated with some of the deadliest outbreaks in the world, the most recent severe outbreak being in 2011. South Africa is currently in the grips of a potentially catastrophic Listeria outbreak!

Testo Ice Mugs up for Grabs

By Testo South Africa on 16 November 2017

We have 10 free ice mugs to give away, courtesy of Testo! One of these could be yours.

Testo Charity Challenge Raises R50,000

By Testo South Africa on 01 November 2017

Testo Headquarters is celebrating its 60th birthday this year and has been running the global `Testo Charity Challenge´ since March. The challenge was more then met, and a donation of R 50 000 was made to the Thula Thula Hout Bay Foundation.

What you should know about Food Grade Chemicals

By CRC Industries South Africa on 06 October 2017

We caught up with Louis Munnik of CRC Industries, to discover what the food industry needs to know about using industrial chemicals and lubricants in their food facility. Find out about the risks and the benefits, food grade status, and more.

Now NSF certified: the testo 270 cooking oil tester

By Testo South Africa on 19 October 2017

The testo 270 cooking oil tester has been successfully tested and certified by NSF International. This ensures that the measuring instrument made by the measuring technology specialist, Testo, fulfils the stringent requirements of the independent NSF experts

Can your lubricants and industrial chemicals be trusted?

By CRC Industries South Africa on 18 August 2017

Can your lubricants and industrial chemicals be trusted? Are you 100% sure that your “food grade” lubricants are indeed suitable for use in food processing areas and independently verified (NSF) that they meet incidental food contact standards?

Upgrade your certification experience today

By ProCert on 12 May 2017

View the latest newsletter from Progress Excellence - discover how to upgrade your certification experience today.

Meaningful Measures

By Progress Excellence on 20 March 2017

We often hear that supply chains must be streamlined to enable delivery of the best products and services on time and in full to customers. It is really amazing that within organisations, staff are not aware as to what the main value chain processes are, how they are sequenced an

The Story of a Toolbox

By Geesmo on 07 March 2017

This is not a toolbox talk, this is the real thing. Toolboxes have been in the firing line in the food industry for years because none are very hygienic. Here is the story of how a hygienic toolbox finally came about.

Progress Excellence Newsletter

By Progress Excellence on 20 February 2017

In this month's newsletter: How to ensure that your audit is as painless as possible.... Visit: http://www.progress-excellence.co.za/newsletters.php

Digilex revamps their web-based Food Safety Suite

By Digilex on 08 February 2017

DigiLex, our web based SHEQ Management System, now also includes our revamped Food Safety Suite which will run in the same way as our other disciplines (Health & Safety, Environmental, Quality, Energy, Corporate Compliance) including a layman’s terms interpretation of the law...