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Better Safety through Better Science

By bioMerieux South Africa on 05 December 2019

In a competitive global food market, manufacturers face increasing challenges to ensure product safety and quality while improving operational efficiency. This is where diagnostic solutions provide the rapid, accurate results you need to maximize productivity, shelf life—and ulti

Our food waste problem and what can be done to reduce it?

By Mitas Corporation (Pty) Ltd on 29 November 2019

According to various reports, about a third of our food in SA ends up at landfill sites. Of this, fruits, vegetables and cereals account for 70% of the wastage and loss primarily throughout the food supply chain – from farm to fork and has been valued at R61.5 billion, while a st

Calibration | What are you putting your trust in for food safety?

By Testo South Africa on 29 November 2019

What are you putting your trust in for food safety? You HACCP system will have identified critical control points where you need to be confident that the process is under control - every time. Part of this is ensuring you are using reliable accurate measuring instruments...

bioMérieux Industry South Africa Food Events 2019

By bioMerieux South Africa on 09 October 2019

bioMérieux will be honored to welcome you at their Gene Up launch event that will take place in cities across the country.

The Naked Fruit and Veg Revolution Has Begun

By Mitas Corporation (Pty) Ltd on 01 October 2019

Globally, retailers and other businesses are beginning to recognise the damaging effects plastics have on the environment. Plastic is full of toxic compounds that are adding to an ever-increasing pollution crisis on land, sea and air and can take centuries to degrade.

Brand Protection of Food and Beverages

By Mitas Corporation (Pty) Ltd on 10 September 2019

With the onset of new supply chain regulations, the rising cost of recalls and the increase in counterfeit products, food and beverage processors seek brand protection solutions.

Intertek Supplier Management Programmes

By Intertek Services (Pty) Ltd on 30 August 2019

A social responsibility audit addresses the issues of worker rights, legal compliance and health and safety requirements in the supply chain. By addressing these issues your company can help boost quality and reduce cost while confronting important worldwide labour issues.

Surface disinfection using germicidal UV-C (GUV) technology

By Technilamp (Pty) Ltd on 14 August 2019

Meat processing facilities are under constant attack of microorganisms, such as bacteria and mould. The introduction of GUV technology is an economical and chemical-free system that disinfects on a continuous basis, with no additional resources required.

Food Allergen Testing

By MicroEeze on 12 August 2019

Food allergens are mainly proteins that the immune system of allergic individuals mistakenly believes are harmful. Food allergies are typically IgE-mediated, which means that the body produces large amounts of antibodies that specifically target the proteins of certain food produ

Hygienic, effective, environmentally friendly crate washing

By PHT-SA on 12 August 2019

Find out more about PHT's hygienic, effective, and environmentally friendly crate washing solution

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