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Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and Food Safety: A Time for Facts, Not Panic

21 February 2020

As you have likely heard, China is experiencing a serious outbreak of respiratory disease caused by a new coronavirus, designated 2019-nCoV. The outbreak was traced to Wuhan City, which is located in Hubei Province. Chinese public health officials report that...

Silani brand mozzarella balls recalled because of E. coli concerns

21 February 2020

Silani Sweet Cheese Ltd. has recalled mozzarella balls because they are potentially contaminated with E. coli.

Huge locust swarms raise fears of food shortages in South Sudan

21 February 2020

Huge locust swarms raise fears of food shortages in South Sudan UN warns 25 million people in east Africa region could be affected as wartorn country is beset by fresh wave of insects

Food prices are soaring in China because of the coronavirus and swine fever

21 February 2020

Hong Kong (CNN Business) - The coronavirus outbreak is driving up the cost of food — and almost everything else in China — adding to the pressure on household budgets.

Global food waste twice as high as previously estimated, study says

21 February 2020

Twice as much food as previously estimated -- or a third of all food available for human consumption -- is wasted, with people in wealthier countries wasting more, according to a recent study published in the journal PLOS One.

Debonairs says metal sheet found in customer's pizza was not dangerous

04 February 2020

South African-based fast food chain Debonairs on Monday admitted fault after a customer found a metal plate lodged inside her pizza, but they say it was not dangerous

China hit with pathogenic strain of bird flu

04 February 2020

A 'highly pathogenic strain' of H5N1 bird flu has been reported in China's Hunan province

Climate change linked to African locust invasion

30 January 2020

By June the locust population could grow by 500 times and move into Uganda and South Sudan, experts say.

Tiger Brands CEO to retire, CFO takes helm

30 January 2020

Tiger Brands CEO Lawrence Mac Dougall will retire on January 31, having reached the company’s mandatory retirement age of 63, South Africa‘s leading food producer said on Wednesday.

Fraud cuts food supplies

30 January 2020

Thousands of indigent people in the province are at risk of going hungry after the KZN Department of Social Development cut ties with a key supplier due to allegations of fraud.

Huge case of food poisoning hits rural school

29 January 2020

More than 250 pupils at Tutor Ndamase Senior Secondary School were rushed to St Barnabas Hospital in Libode, Eastern Cape, on Monday afternoon following a suspected case of food poisoning.

Appetite for 'warm meat' drives risk of disease in Hong Kong and China

27 January 2020

A wet market, where animals are freshly slaughtered rather than chilled was identified as the source of the coronavirus outbreak. But experts have long warned of dangers

Starbucks goals for sustainability will require significant consumer buy-in

24 January 2020

The Seattle-based coffee chain committed to three preliminary targets for 2030, including cutting by half its carbon emissions from direct operations and its supply chain, the waste it sends to landfills and water used in direct operations and coffee production.

Water quality questioned by food manufacturing plant

24 January 2020

Eskort Limited general manager Wynand Nel holds up a bottle containing water that was collected from the factory on Thursday.

Composite food wrap kills bacteria

23 January 2020

We've recently heard about a number of experimental antibacterial food-wrap films, that could replace conventional polyethylene. The latter does have some desirable qualities, though, so scientists have now developed a composite made from it.

Food safety analysis finds meat, poultry recalls remain 'sky-high'

22 January 2020

An analysis of food recalls issued in 2019 suggests that a gap between regulatory agencies may contribute to the number of contaminated foods still reaching consumers’ plates.

Live export: animals at risk in giant global industry

21 January 2020

More demand for meat sets nearly 2 billion farm animals on the move a year despite concerns about poor transport conditions and inhumane slaughter

Ministers call on municipalities to procure their own water tankers

21 January 2020

In a meeting last week, it was agreed that youths would be trained in disciplines that would empower them to assist local governments in reducing non-revenue water from malfunctioning infrastructure.

Nestlé creates market for food-grade recycled plastics

20 January 2020

Nestlé has announced that it will invest up to $3 billion to lead the shift from virgin plastics to food-grade recycled plastics and to accelerate the development of innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

Water infrastructure upgrade announced

20 January 2020

Durban - EThekwini Municipality announced yesterday that its multimillion-rand water infrastructure upgrade would bring the long-standing water shortage woes of residents in oThongathi and the city’s western areas to an end.

Listeria tops hazards handled by INFOSAN in 4Q

17 January 2020

Salmonella has been knocked off the top spot by Listeria monocytogenes as the main hazard dealt with by an international food safety network.

New fluorescent tech can light up food packaging recycling rates

17 January 2020

Current sustainability objectives and the drive to a more effective circular economy have increased the demand for recycled materials in packaging, yet despite this the biggest hurdle to boosting the amount of recycled plastic for food packaging remains the poor quality of recycl

Nestlé to invest €1.68 billion in sustainable packaging

17 January 2020

Nestlé today announced that it will invest up to €1.68 billion to lead the shift from virgin plastics to food-grade recycled plastics and to accelerate the development of innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

2020 Consumer Packaged Goods Trends Driving Food And Beverage Innovation

16 January 2020

Oh, how complicated we humans are! In this era of natural, organic, clean, and whole food eating, we have somehow become enamored of all things fake. What does this say about us and the food we eat? Where to start?

Food security plan after Brexit: biggest shake up to farming in 40 years

16 January 2020

Bill requires regular monitoring of supplies and shift from CAP-style subsidies but no gate on lower quality imports

Blood tests, interviews to be conducted as 5 still critically ill after suspected poisoning in Cape Town

15 January 2020

Five of the six people thought to have ingested a substance which made them collapse in Wetton, Cape Town, are still in a critical condition, the City of Cape Town's health MMC Zahid Badroodien said on Tuesday.

What Food Poisoning Outbreaks Are Carrying Over From 2019?

15 January 2020

As we enter 2020, there are four multistate food poisoning outbreaks that have not ended, and may still grow. There were many outbreaks in 2019, sickening thousands of people, hospitalizing hundreds, and even killing some...

'They just started dropping' - Heroes tell of dramatic scramble after people collapse in Cape Town

14 January 2020

Cape Town's Sulailah Murphy was taking a short break outside the shop she and her husband own on Wetton Road in Ottery when people suddenly started collapsing on the pavement on Monday.

Massmart in talks to close some stores, could cut 1440 jobs.

14 January 2020

The company said on Monday it was in consultations with unions and other stakeholders to close up to 34 stores.

Court case to lift ban on auctions to be heard on Tuesday

15 January 2020

A court application filed by two auction companies, a co-operative, a commercial farmer and a group of 50 emerging farmers to lift the national ban on auctions will be heard in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on 14 January.

Taco Bell says it will make all its packaging recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2025

10 January 2020

As part of its 2020 commitments, Taco Bell says it will convert all consumer-facing packaging—that’s anything the customer comes into contact with when they order food, like the wraps around tacos or the physical box that holds the $5 Cravings Box items—to be either reusable, rec

'Toxic food' deaths: Municipality blames residents for dumping

09 January 2020

Residents of NU30 in Motherwell blamed the municipality for the dump site after the deaths at the weekend of Asive and Alizwa Rhwayibana and Alunamda and Zintle Mqawu. The dump site is about 100m from the children’s shacks...

Australian Salmonella outbreak grows; bush fires threaten food safety

09 January 2020

A total of 84 people in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) reported eating Core Powerfoods products before becoming sick.

Is overuse of antibiotics on farms worsening the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

09 January 2020

Public health officials investigating a drug-resistant salmonella outbreak in 2015 still don't know the exact source after a pork-industry lobbying group on behalf of the farmers prevented them from visiting farms that provided pigs to a contaminated slaughterhouse

Zimbabwe imports corn as catastrophic hunger looms

08 January 2020

Facing catastrophic hunger, Zimbabwe will import corn from Mexico, Ukraine and neighbouring South Africa to help feed as many as eight million of its citizens — over half the population — after drought withered crops last year and threatens to do the same in 2020...

A hole in the can may provide better canned food

08 January 2020

Canning is a sustainable way of storing food, but the method requires a lot of energy and water and can affect food quality. A newly developed can with a different shape may be the solution that makes canned food of the future more attractive.

How a Change to Food Inspectors’ Schedules Can Make Our Food Safer

08 January 2020

Yes, they try to be objective. But seemingly small quirks in their schedules can affect their judgement.

Serialisation the future of food industry traceability

07 January 2020

Serialised box tracking has been standard practice in the beef and poultry industries for a long time – and the entire food space may follow suit if serialised tracking becomes a mandatory requirement. Simon Noakes, SMB Director at Columbus UK, explains the benefits of serialisat

FairPlay calls for chicken imports from Brazil to be banned

07 January 2020

FairPlay South Africa (FairPlay) has called on government to urgently impose a total ban on imports of chicken products from Brazil.A statement by FairPlay explained that this was motivated by...

Food safety alert for romaine lettuce continues into new year

08 January 2020

It’s a food safety alert you may have forgotten about that has sent dozens of people to the hospital, including in Illinois.The Center For Disease Control is still warning people not to buy or eat romaine lettuce grown in Salinas, California because it could have E. Coli...

Australian bushfires: Food safety and produce shortages additional concerns as blazes rage

06 January 2020

The deadly bushfires raging across Australia are also posing serious food safety risks, officials have warned, while damaged transport links are also likely to lead to shortages of some fresh produce...

We tested baby food sugar levels in South Africa. This is what we found

06 January 2020

South Africa has the highest rates of childhood obesity in the world, with an alarming figure of 13%. The global average stands at 6%. One of the main causes of South Africa’s rate is the rapid growth of the country’s commercial food industry. This has led to increased consumptio

Weighing up the costs of treating ‘lifestyle’ diseases in South Africa

06 January 2020

Economic growth, accompanied by a fall in infectious diseases over the past two decades, has changed the profile of the biggest threats to the health of people living in low and middle-income countries...

Cape Hake fillet with baby marrow salad

23 December 2019

Looking for a sustainable menu item this Christmas? Try these Cape Hake fillets with baby marrow salad

Cape Hake medallions with red pesto topping

23 December 2019

Looking for a sustainable menu item this Christmas? Try these Cape Hake medallions with red pesto topping

Cape Hake prime steaks with macadamia crust

23 December 2019

Looking for a sustainable menu item this Christmas? Try these Cape Hake prime steaks with macadamia crust

The heart-warming message behind Pick n Pay’s Christmas advert

20 December 2019

Pick n Pay just released its 2019 Christmas advert, ‘Give’ – a heart-warming film encouraging South Africans to embrace a spirit of generosity this festive season by giving a little of themselves. A message of kindness, so needed in the world today, and a touching reminder that a

Hero hake this holiday: 3 refreshingly simple Cape Hake recipes for a sustainable Christmas table

20 December 2019

Be a ‘hake hero’ this holiday by cooking with MSC certified sustainable Cape Hake from the South African hake trawl fishery - now in its 15th year of MSC certified sustainable operation. By choosing Cape Hake products with the MSC blue fish label, you're helping to protect oceans

Preparing for safe travels this festive season

13 December 2019

Johannesburg, 10th December 2019: According to the Automobile Association (AA) of South Africa over 135 000 people have lost their lives in road accidents over the past decade. This has been declared ‘a national crisis’ by the AA and comes at a time when road safety is a challeng

Cadbury owner donates thousands of chocolates to food charity

09 January 2020

Mondelēz International, owner of the Cadbury brand and one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers, has donated over 150,000 products, including Cadbury Heroes, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Oreos to FareShare, the country’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste.

Pick n Pay trials 'pick and weigh' packaging-free zone in Cape Town

09 January 2020

Pick n Pay is piloting a new 'pick and weigh' packaging-free zone that allows customers to purchase a wide range of products without any packaging. This trial is currently underway at the newly revamped Pick n Pay Constantia store in Cape Town.

Ford is recycling McDonald’s coffee waste into car parts

11 December 2019

Diverting coffee chaff from a landfill to a laboratory

Bonaqua launches SA’s first water bottle made entirely out of recycled plastic

11 December 2019

This is a first for the South African market and forms part of The Coca-Cola Company’s ambitious global goal to create a world without waste. Today, the Coca-Cola Company launches a water bottle made entirely from recycled plastic (100% rPET).

Romer Expands Food Allergen Testing with Mollusk Test Kit

09 December 2019

ELISA kit can test for traces of the allergen in foodstuffs, drinks, rinse waters and samples taken from surface swabs.

Food Safety and Quality: Soon in the Hands of “Gen Z”

09 December 2019

On October 21, 2019, FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response Frank Yiannas and his team met with industry leaders to discuss what the agency refers to as a New Era of Smarter Food Safety. One of the first panelists to talk that day was...

Uber rival plans to launch Bolt Food delivery service

05 December 2019

Uber Technologies rival Bolt — formerly known as Taxify — said on Wednesday that it has doubled its South African footprint in the past year, launching ride-hailing services in 34 secondary towns and cities in all nine provinces.

Inspecting wet and conductive products remains a challenge for meat processors

06 December 2019

Inspecting wet and conductive products remains a challenge for meat and poultry processors, according to Fortress Technology.

Your next food delivery could come from a South African ‘ghost kitchen’

05 December 2019

Also called 'dark', 'virtual' or 'cloud' kitchens, they are shared cooking spaces that serve as hubs for online deliveries. Different brands prepare their food in the same space, which are then sent out as ordered. The kitchens don't offer a dine-in option.

Burger King South Africa owner looking to sell majority stake

05 December 2019

Grand Parade Investments (GPI) is in talks to offload a majority stake in Burger King South Africa. In an interview with BusinessDay, GPI founder and chair Hassen Adam said that the proposed sale would reduce the group’s stake in Burger King from 96% to “a non-operational minorit

Zimbabwe facing ‘man-made’ starvation, UN expert warns

03 December 2019

Zimbabwe is facing “man-made” starvation with 60 percent of the people failing to meet basic food needs, a UN special envoy said Thursday after touring the southern African country.

To Protect Food Quality, Start With the Data

03 December 2019

Grocers are at the sharp end of the food chain, so FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety initiative will have a big impact on them.

South Africa’s Agriculture Minister Rejects Monsato’s GM Maize Seed

03 December 2019

Amidst the clamor that surrounds Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) globally, a small but significant triumph panned out in South Africa last month...

Hotels Experiment With Reducing Food Waste: Will All-You-Can-Eat Buffets Be History?

03 December 2019

Hotels are known for wanting to please their guests, and feeding them is one way of doing it. But food waste deteriorates the environment. Hotels are making an effort to cut down on it. So they are earning praise for trying, but they have a long way to go...

Aussie households underestimating their food waste

03 December 2019

Fight Food Waste CRC has released the Food Waste: National Benchmarking Study Summary Report, a comprehensive survey that benchmarks the household behaviours and motivations towards food waste in Australia.

Tiger Brands investing R100m in emerging farmers

02 December 2019

Tiger Brands has invested R40m for emerging farmers, and in two years that will have soared to more than R100m, its chief corporate affairs and sustainability officer, Mary-Jane Morifi, said.

This world map rates countries by the sustainability of their food systems

02 December 2019

Food systems are going to need to be resilient to withstand climate change’s effects on agriculture. Looking at 20 factors, researchers now have a big picture about which countries are most under threat.

Three Ways to Thaw a Turkey

28 November 2019

While frozen, a turkey is safe indefinitely. As soon as it begins to thaw, bacteria that may have been present before freezing will begin to grow again. Here are three ways to safely thaw your bird...

515,000 pounds of pork products recalled

25 November 2019

Maywood, IL-based Morris Meat Packing is recalling 515,000 pounds of various raw, intact pork products that were produced without the benefit of federal inspection. These items were shipped to distributors and retail locations in Illinois.

Confusion about when cleanliness matters is making us ill

25 November 2019

Too clean or not too clean? Public health experts reveal the nine moments when you're most likely to be infected by harmful bacteria

Poor hand hygiene may be biggest transmitter of superbug E.coli

25 November 2019

One of the best ways to cut down on antibiotic-resistant E. coli infections would be making sure that everyone washes their hands after using the toilet, a UK study suggests.

Hepatitis A outbreak hits 3 states; implicated blackberries sent to 8 others

25 November 2019

It’s too late for people who ate fresh blackberries from Fresh Thyme Farmers Market grocery stores in September to take post-exposure vaccines, but it’s not too late for them to become ill from the hepatitis A virus that is believed to have contaminated the berries.

Taste to offload Maxi’s and Fish & Chip Co

19 November 2019

Listed company Taste says it will dispose of two food brands – Maxi’s and Fish & Chip Co – in-line with its new strategy to exit the local food market.

African Swine Fever Spreading

14 November 2019

A sharp reduction in the world’s pig population would lead to possible food shortages and high pork prices, and it might also cause shortfalls in the many products made from pigs, such as the blood-thinner heparin that’s used in people, said Dr. Mark Schipp, the organization’s pr

The Green Climate Fund must be a champion for real sustainability

14 November 2019

Its niche has to be true sustainability — the ability to generate climate-conscious and socially beneficial results in regions that need them the most, and which multiply with successive generations

South Africa unprepared for drought disaster, AgriSA warns government

14 November 2019

While the climate crisis has not yet necessitated the declaration of a national disaster, agricultural organisation AgriSA pleads for the government to recognise that the country is not prepared for a disaster and a lot of work must be done...

Vision Is Needed to Re-imagine A Broken Food System

14 November 2019

“Reimagining the food system of the future means so much more than finding ways to ensure that supply meets demand,” says Sara Farley, Managing Director of The Rockefeller Foundation’s Food Initiative...

What is Meat? New Bill Aims to Define It

11 November 2019

Last week Rep. Anthony Brindisi (D-NY) and Rep. Roger Marshall (R-KS.) proposed the Real Marketing Edible Artificials Truthfully Act (Real MEAT Act) to Congress, which would establish strict guidelines against labeling alternative proteins as “meat.” Although the meat versus plan

Brew Dr. Kombucha faces 2nd class action lawsuit over probiotic bacteria labeling

11 November 2019

A second class action lawsuit was filed against Brew Dr. Kombucha alleging that its products falsely advertised the levels of probiotic bacteria that was in each beverage. According to lab tests, the “Clear Mind” kombucha drink contains 50,000 CFUs of probiotic bacteria per bottl

More than 52 million people across Africa going hungry as weather extremes hit the continent [EN/AR]

11 November 2019

Millions displaced; women, girls hit hardest; crises compounded by conflicts, poverty and inequality; $700m average climate-related losses; urgent action needed now...

Climate change plagues Western Cape agriculture

08 November 2019

“The effects of climate change are unfolding before our eyes.” So says Janse Rabie, Agri SA policy head for natural resources. “Unpredictability in weather patterns and the associated impacts makes planning considerably more difficult and heighten the risk for farming in South Af

FDA criticized for waiting 6 weeks to announce latest romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak

07 November 2019

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Oct. 31 an E. coli outbreak associated with romaine lettuce sickened 23 people in 12 states between July 12 and Sept. 8. While 11 people were hospitalized, the agency said no deaths were reported, the active investigation has wrapped up

Poultry processing equipment may harbor persistent salmonella

07 November 2019

Stringent environmental sampling plans and appropriate follow-up actions may help eliminate persistent salmonella strains from second unit processing equipment. The prevalence of salmonella in poultry and poultry products is a source of concern for the poultry industry, consumers

FDA may add sesame to list of major food allergens requiring label disclosure

07 November 2019

An estimate of 17 percent of children who have food allergies are allergic to sesame, according to research published in Pediatric Allergy and Immunology. Sesame is one of the 10 most common childhood food allergies and severe reactions are common.

FDA Releases List of Records Required Under Foreign Supplier Verification Program

06 November 2019

Prompted by a series of deadly foodborne illness outbreaks, many tied to imported foods, in 2011 the U.S. Congress signed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into law. The goal was to develop food safety regulations focused on prevention across the entire supply chain...

Township crèches must now register, says government

06 December 2019

Formalisation of ECD sector is putting pressure on facilities already working with the bare minimum

Food manufacturers also have a role to play in responsible disposal of waste products

05 November 2019

Following the 2018 listeriosis outbreak that claimed the lives of more than 200 people, food safety in the production value chain has understandably come under the spotlight. The danger to producers, and consumers, is that the threat of contamination remains ever-present unless p

‘Unbundling of Eskom could boost SA agriculture’

05 November 2019

To ensure its survival and sustainability, Eskom is planning to unbundle its generation, transmission and distribution operations, which will become distinct legal entities by December 2022.

New Tuberculosis Vaccine Could be a Game Changer

04 November 2019

While a new vaccine for TB might not see the market for another couple years, researchers are very optimistic it could be hugely helpful in treating TB worldwide...

Marine Stewardship Council Doubles Funding to Safeguard Our Oceans

04 November 2019

The world’s leading sustainable seafood ecolabel, the MSC, has increased its Ocean Stewardship Fund to close to £2 million by redirecting a proportion of funds from the sale of products with the blue fish label into research and projects aimed at ending overfishing.

Health council wants law on ‘cottage’ foods clarified to protect the public

09 December 2019

The State Health Council, which includes two state senators, approved the proposed changes during a special meeting this week. The council doesn’t want additional regulations but rather wants to make clear certain aspects of existing law, according to a statement released by top

Taste sells Starbucks South Africa for R7 million

01 November 2019

Listed management group Taste Holdings says it has entered into an agreement to sell the Starbucks master franchise licence for South Africa for R7 million.

Ntando Duma is bringing kasi food to your door with Spaza Eats

31 October 2019

Actress Ntando Duma is expanding her business portfolio. The former Rhythm City star has launched an app called Spaza Eats. The app will deliver food that is sold by spaza shops in township locations right to your door. Yes, you can now have your favourite kotas, mogudu, magwinya

NOSA to acquire Deltamune’s laboratory business

31 October 2019

NOSA Group, a leading global occupational health and safety (OHS) risk management solutions provider, has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the Deltamune group’s laboratory business (a leader in diagnostic testing and salmonella serotyping). The acquisition remains...

CEO Darren Hele breaks down Famous Brands’s half-year results

31 October 2019

Famous Brands has released its interim results for the six months-end August 2019. The food services franchisor which owns Mugg & Bean, Steers and Wimpy has seen a rise of consumers ordering food online, putting the sustainability of restaurants on the line. The group declared...

Dairy company manager told staff not to report positive listeria results for years

30 October 2019

Prosecution lifts lid on manager at an Auckland dairy factory who told staff to hide positive listeria results and risked damaging a vital NZ industry. Sam Hurley reports. A top New Zealand dairy company has been ordered to pay nearly $450,000 after a former manager directed sta

How long does my food stay safe after the power goes out?

31 October 2019

Food safety during a power outage comes down to temperature, so the best way to accurately monitor your food is with an appliance thermometer. Found at most hardware or grocery stores, place them in your refrigerator and freezer before an outage so you can properly gauge the temp

WFP to dispose of compromised food stocks

28 October 2019

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) will begin destroying global stocks of a blended food product, identified as a source of sickness among people who consumed it in Uganda earlier this year.

Are you making these 6 food-safety mistakes?

25 October 2019

Food safety can be affected by high employee turnover, gaps in training, and simply, a lack of understanding of its importance in protecting customers. With National Food Safety Month just coming to a close, now is a good time to communicate to your staff on some of the top food

Europe wants help to support future food safety system

24 October 2019

The European Commission has launched a funding call for help to support food safety systems of the future.Proposals must aim to develop a research and innovation platform for collaboration across food safety stakeholders in Europe. This should involve national food safety authori

Is Biodiversity the Missing Piece of Food Safety?

24 October 2019

Food safety concerns demand you prevent wildlife intruding into your fields. While the fruit and vegetable industry has created ingenious ways to keep fields as clean as possible, we’ve learned fences are not always animal proof.

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