Listeria Prevention Presentation Pack

Our recent Listeria Workshops were jam packed - and we have been inundated with requests for the presentations and videos.


Below are the presentations and videos for which we have permission to share with you.  We know you will find as much value in these as we did!


Thank you to all the amazing food industry professionals who gave of their time and expertise to attend and share with us, and who have allowed us to share their knowledge for the betterment of the industry as a whole.  We applaud your generosity in helping South Africa tackle this crisis with the right tools.


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Listeria from the patient’s perspective

Bill Marler


Download Food Focus Listeria Patients Bill Marler.pdf


What & how should we test for Listeria?

Hein Venter


Seek and Destroy

Prof. Martin Wiedmann


Panel discussion

industry representatives from SAPA, RMAA, SAVAM, DSA, CGCSA, Food Service 


CFA on the importance of hygiene zones

Kaarin Goodburn

Anatech - the Importance of testing for listeria

featuring Hein Venter


Speed dating session

Effective facility design and the role of maintenance &  current cleaning and sanitation
regimes in the food industry – are we doing enough - hear from Deléne Boshoff


How to effectively audit listeria programmes

Rolf Uys


You are a consumer too

Wendy Knowler


 Preventing Listeria in processed meats

Joseph Yates


Preventing Listeria in Processed Meats

Niacet - solutions for Listeria prevention

featuring Eelco Heintz


Listeria prevention master class

Effective facility design and the role of maintenance &  current cleaning and sanitation
regimes in the food industry – are we doing enough - hear from Gareth Lloyd-Jones



The root cause – food safety culture

Prof Ryk Lues


25 years after Jack-in-the-box - lessons learned

Bill Marler

Download Food Focus Listeria JackintheBox Bill Marler.pdf


NSF International - risk and
supply management solutions

featuring Ulli Gerntholtz


Listeriosis in Cape Town

Christa Hugo

Download Food Focus Listeria CPT Christa Hugo.pdf


Listeria Masterclass

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt
featuring Andrew Murray, Jane Nock and Dr. Tertia Erasmus

Download Food Focus Listeria IN2FOOD Jane Nock.pdf

Download Food Focus Listeria Tertia Erasmus.pdf


Environmental monitoring program case study

Rolf Uys

Download Food Focus Listeria EMP Rolf Uys.pdf


Recall and liability issues

Janusz Luterek

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