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Time to stop luxuriating Food Safety Management Systems?

18 October 2019

Has food safety has become a luxury value-added service that the food industry offers to those who can afford to pay the price tag? Is it our duty as professionals in this field to bring it back to basics and provide food safety for all- not just those who can pay for it.

Food Day 2019 - Let's do what we can

16 October 2019

Today is World Food Day 2019, and the internet is abuzz with a thousand different messages, and a hundred different hashtags.

Opinion Piece: The new meat regulations

15 October 2019

Francois Mellet Director of Functional Foods shares his opinion of the impact of new meat regulations

Why use Independent Laboratories?

07 October 2019

Hello to all of you in the food industry, from the secret office of Pinky and the Brain! Today we are wondering why there is still doubt about using independent laboratories in the food industry….

How do you KNOW the product you are buying is really good quality?

15 July 2019

Hello to all of you in the food industry, from the secret office of Pinky and the Brain! Today we are discussing the important question... How do you KNOW the product you are buying is really good quality?

The chilling insight about the knowledge of Food Quality Assurance Managers

18 June 2019

With all food industries still well aware of the BIG L word, the two of us just could not keep it in any longer… There are other aspects in the food industry that should be worried about, not just Listeria outbreaks! Like ....

Ethics and food safety b

12 November 2018

What does ethical behaviour look like in the context of food safety? We would like to hear your views

Our last words for 2017

22 December 2017

At the end of a year we should always look back before we look forward. 2017 has been a tough year by all accounts. On top of political uncertainty and a tough economic climate, at least three events have shaken the food industry this year.

People, planet, plate

15 August 2017

Today’s restaurant owners have much more on their plates than preparing and serving tasty food. Social responsibility to do the right thing for employees, the community and the natural environment is an important aspect of your business.

What are you doing with your 67 minutes?

14 July 2017

On the 18th July we celebrate Nelson Mandela Day – which is one of the most wonderful days of to year to be a South African. It is a time when we all unite together with one cause, and celebrate the legacy of Tata Madiba with actions not just words.

Why making pancakes is the socially responsible thing to do

28 February 2017

You didn't forget that it's Pancake Day did you? But have you ever wondered why we celebrate Pancake Day at all? It's fascinating, and there are some lessons to be learned! On top of that, we've tossed in a pancake recipe to make it all the easier for you...

One hen’s coop is another hen’s graveyard

26 January 2017

An interesting week for our feathered friends – across the world several interesting articles were published on the suitability of their living accommodations. These articles show the intersection of management system requirements and the need for a holistic approach to policies

Quality is not the custard on the pudding

15 December 2016

Quality is not just the custard on the pudding... it IS the pudding! Here are some thoughts around your customer's quality requirements

Are you an impact business?

15 December 2016

We have to say we were utterly intrigued when Lady Bonin tea signed up on our website recently. We're so excited by each new subscriber and make a point of checking out the company and what they do! This is where we came across the term “impact business” and we had to find out mo