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Using Technology for Traceability Adds Dimension to Supply Chain, Promises ROI

By Food Safety Tech on 16 October 2019

“As food safety leaders, it is our responsibility to actively investigate the newest technologies in the market with the goal of providing the highest level of safety for our customers. The regulatory environment is rapidly evolving from a position of...

Why use Independent Laboratories?

By Pinky and the Brain on 07 October 2019

Hello to all of you in the food industry, from the secret office of Pinky and the Brain! Today we are wondering why there is still doubt about using independent laboratories in the food industry….

Webinar | The ABC's of IP - Who is stealing your food industry trade secrets from under your nose?

By Janusz Luterek of Hahn & Hahn SA (Pty) Ltd on 13 August 2019

From copyright to trademark, you should be aware of your IP, how this impacts your business and where you are at risk of losing your most valuable assets. Watch the recording now.

Want to Reduce Risk? Then Don’t Get Too Caught Up in Procedure

By EHS Today on 10 May 2019

Focus on risk reduction outcomes, rather than just completing tasks, to ensure real results.

Webinar | Will your food fraud vulnerability assessment pass an FSSC 22000 audit?

By Food Focus on 04 February 2019

Food Fraud expert Karen Everstine, Ph.D., takes us on a step-by-step journey through the process of “VACCP”.

What food fraud scandals are on the 2019 horizon?

By Karen Everstine of Decernis on 04 February 2019

2018 was a busy food fraud year, both internationally and in South Africa. The increase in SA media reports on fake food, expired food, and adulterated products highlights the increased awareness of the problem.

Ethics and food safety b

By Linda Jackson on 12 November 2018

What does ethical behaviour look like in the context of food safety? We would like to hear your views

How to Mitigate Risks and Issues in Your Supply Chain

By Food Safety Tech on 16 October 2018

As business becomes more global, effective and efficient, supply chain management is more vital than ever. Even if you’ve optimized your supply chain, uncertainty can cause issues when sourcing raw materials, goods and services, which could ultimately impact on your business, cus

Risk/Hazard: Redefining Existing Practices

By Food Safety Magazine on 11 October 2018

There has been confusion over use of the terms “risks” and “hazards,” which has caused issues in the certification audit process. Issues reported include International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-certified facilities failing the transition audits to revised ISO standar

Cyberterrorism: How Food Companies Are Planning for Threat of Cybersecurity Risks

By Food Quality & Safety on 28 May 2018

There is no shortage of risks in the global environment these days. One of these risks is digital vulnerability, which could result in cyberterrorism incidents.

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